Growing on Instagram in 2021: the strategies to follow

Growing on Instagram in 2021: the strategies to follow

I have collected for you a series of strategies on how to grow in a healthy and organic way an Instagram profile in 2021. I highlighted what really matters for Instagram: let’s not talk about algorithm tricks or big words from “ markettari “. I have limited myself to strategies, analyzes and advice that if you put them into practice will bear fruit.

In this article, in fact, we will summarize these concepts by talking about them briefly so that you can fix some concepts to efficiently improve your Instagram profile! Let’s start:

Growing on Instagram in 2021

Having a strong identity is essential on Instagram, and there is no secret formula that works for every profile, but there are certainly some tips we can give you: in this article we give you some tools you can use to grow on Instagram in 2021!


Although there is some misinformation about it, let’s start by saying that the Instagram algorithm has not undergone particular changes compared to 2020 Basically, however, we can sum it all up with something you already know: the algorithm is the happier, the longer you stay in the app! Discounted but true.

And therefore the strategy comes automatically, because you have to make sure that your followers (as many or as few as they are) spend as much time as possible on your content . So the content, once again, is the king of your profile: no random photos, no clichés, real content!

Check your saves

come crescere su instagram nel 2021

Through Insights you can control the life, death and miracles of your Instagram posts and Stories. In this regard, I advise you to check which posts are saved: this procedure is done by many users who are interested in a post and want to review it later , returning to your profile and creating engagement .

By doing so, you will understand what types of posts generate a return of users on your profile, which automatically increases the time people stay on your profile and increase your engagement without you not moving a finger!

Content is RE

Discounted? Not at all: if we were to rely on what was said a little while ago, it would seem that the only way to keep a person on our profile is to bore them with a very long description. This might be interesting for some, but it could be completely ignored by many, resulting in lower engagement.

Allo the strategy I recommend in 2021 is to use the carousel in the posts: with the carousel you have more images available (no need to exaggerate and upload 10) and with them you can integrate the concept of speech : people who do not want to read the description could be intrigued by the images, and vice versa people who are already interested in the post will continue to read the description to learn more: in both cases we will have increased engagement .

Use the “Guide” section

come crescere su instagram nel 2021 1

With the new section Guides of Instagram it is possible to group posts, and this function is very useful to reinforce the concepts we have talked about so far! Usually our posts are sectorialized, and grouping them into many small categories of interest is a winning strategy because it allows users to perfectly frame your profile and gain followers who are really interested in your content!

Aiming for Reels

Short videos, for everything we’ve said so far, definitely don’t look like the right choice, yet the platform is trying to push its Reels as much as possible to face the giant of TikTok. So don’t focus on long videos to share on your profile, but use the Reels to convey some concepts related to your content .

Be careful though , never recycle video from TikTok: the Instagram algorithm perceives the TikTok watermark and watermark and you will be penalized if you upload a video of that platform as Reel on Instagram! IGTV doesn’t even mention it, it’s practically a flop.

The Stories remain an added value

Through Stories you add value to your community by telling the background behind your posts and the research you have done to bring your content. Create an exchange relationship to help the people who contact you but also ask them for advice on how to improve your posts or on which topics to deepen.

And then, as always, keep your community glued to the screen : Instagram Stories have mini-games, surveys, questionnaires and everything you need to build an established relationship and spend time with your followers. You can for example also re-share old posts to show them to the new followers you have.

Swipe Up and Sponsorship

If you have the Swipe Up , there is no need for me to repeat concepts you already know, but for sure I remind you to use it as often as possible to refer your users to your other channels (such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, personal pages, and so on). Very often – believe me – I saw very famous people (for example) on YouTube, who were followed by thousands of people on Instagram who barely knew him on YouTube or who weren’t subscribed.

Reels IOSX 3.0

Sponsorships then, another obvious element: when Instagram see the money, you did bingo! However, this does not mean throwing money, you just need a small sponsorship of 2-3 euros a day (or 3/4 times a week) to grow exponentially!

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