How to block and report a user or account on Pinterest – Contact Pinterest

How to block and report a user or account on Pinterest – Contact Pinterest

Pinterest users now have the ability to block or report others at the account level. Previously, reports were only available on individual pins, which was an inefficient way for users to tell Pinterest about accounts that might be violating site guidelines.

While Pinterest profiles are all public, users can choose to block bookmarks to prevent posts, likes, and comments on their own Pins. The feature has been available since 2012 and offers users a way to block spammers and negative commenters alike.

It also allows you to prevent other users from interacting with your pins > for whatever reason. However, if it is not clear how to use the feature, we are going to help you on how to block someone on Pinterest. So that your account is not blocked, what you can do is check the policies of Pinterest.

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How you can contact Pinterest to report an account

A fairly common drawback is that sometimes our account stops working correctly due to various situations, For example, some fake accounts report the account to us, and this means that we cannot continue using the account.

That is why the best alternative for something like this is to delete the account Pinterest either personal or company, the good thing is that you will be able to do the process from your PC or mobile.

How to Block and Report a User on Pinterest?

This way you can block or report users on Pinterest

Block a Pinterest profile to prevent someone from following you, sending you messages or interacting with your Pins. To block someone on Pinterest, you must first find the person’s public profile.

You can navigate to a profile by tapping the username within a pin. Alternatively, you can start typing the user’s name in the search bar and click People to search for users exclusively.

Once inside the user’s profile, the lock is just a matter of finding the right icons. Tapping the flag icon, located above the username and next to the follow button will block that user.

Click the red Block button on the pop-up window to finalize your decision. Keep in mind that the process is the same for desktop iterations and Pinterest applications.

Sometimes it also happens that when another person denounces the profile for being malicious Without having done anything and what happens is that we cannot log into our Pinterest account or sometimes it does not work for us, the good thing is that there is a solution for this problem.

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Report a user or account on Pinterest quickly

The other person is NOT notified automatically. However, they will be notified of the lock and will see the following message if they try to follow you or interact with your pins.

  • The lock is mutual: the person blocking will not be able follow him or interact with his pins , and you will no longer be able to follow or interact with them.
  • Unfollow automatically: if you already follow this person or they follow you, blocking them will automatically unfollow them both.
  • Comments deleted: Any previous comments between you and the other person will be deleted automatically.
  • Repetitions and “likes” are NOT automatically deleted: You will no longer be able to repeat or like neither of the other’s pins, but repeats and “likes” will remain. If you want to remove them, you can differentiate or remove the pins individually.
  • Only in Public Areas, you may still see their boards and Pins: Search Results, Category Pages , Group boards if both are collaborators.

Unblock someone on Pinterest

  • To unblock on Pinterest , simply navigate to their profile and tap the Unblock icon.
  • However, blocking someone on Pinterest is easy and prevents them from sending you messages and comments.
  • While blocks will not prevent a user from viewing your profile.
  • The settings will prevent comments and messages from that user.

Something that you should know and that is quite useful for you, is how you can get or create a business account on Pinterest, this will help you a lot if you sell on the internet and you like to show your products , since what e Pinterest is a fairly broad platform for this type of business.

If you have any questions and would like us to solve them through a tutorial, you can leave it in the comments and with We will gladly answer it in the best possible way so that it is completely resolved.

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