How to get more referrals for my business

How to get more referrals for my business

programa de referidos para negocios

If you have a business and / or are in charge of the marketing area, you will remember the great importance that they have the references . It is said that there is no better advertising than what your clients do for you, because it is honest, objective and above all completely free.

The referral model has very high success rates, since the people who approach your company have every intention of consume.

If you are thinking of starting a referral strategy but don’t know where to start, read on to understand how this method works and how to increase your numbers.

What are referrals?

A referral program is an advertising strategy, attracting new clients and loyalty where a business makes use of its existing clients so that they widely recommend your brand in order to help you attract new clients and grow your portfolio.

You can have a referral program physically or even digitally, what really matters is to keep strict control of who got the referral and the person who came through a referral, to be able to optimize your strategy based on this data.

The importance of referring

Why referral programs become so successful? One of the main reasons why companies turn to the referral method is because every entrepreneur knows that customer opinion is relentless.

What a customer thinks of you as a brand has the power to make or break your plans and your growth. And it is that the voice of a client is sincere and objective, so it is much more respected by others than that of the brand itself.

Another great advantage of referring is that it is a relatively strategy economical when compared to traditional advertising.

How to get more referrals

With the aforementioned reasons it is more than enough to convince you that a referral program can benefit you enormously. The next step is to put it into action and take the necessary measures so that the number of referrals is high and with a constant flow.

Like any strategy, it must be closely monitored for possible optimizations.

Find the ideal customer

A very important tip that can greatly increase the number of referrals your business receives is segmentation. This word has surely been heard a lot and it is key to knowing that all your efforts are not being thrown away.

It is useless that your service or product is incredible and that the benefit they offer is Unbeatable if you are reaching the wrong people.

A good example of this is a school that creates a referral program and takes it to a real estate development, where it knows that many families from other cities will come looking for schools for your children.

Communicate correctly the function of your company

Just as it is important to find the right type of client, once you find it, your referral program should be as clear as possible about the advantages of choosing your business over others.

Although you do not have much control in this area because the client will be the one who recommends you, it involves a continuous work of education to the client.

Don’t forget to ask for the reference

When they say that a brand must ask very directly what it wants from its customer is not kidding. Sometimes all it takes is asking your clients to help you reach more people, and if you have a good relationship with your client and they are completely satisfied they will not think twice about doing it.

Sometimes a small thank you to whoever takes the trouble, so we move on to the next point…

Give a benefit in exchange for referrals

The real trick of the referral program is to benefit or reward those who are already your customers. As a token of gratitude for both their loyalty and their active participation in getting a new client for you, it is important that you offer a discount or promotion to your client.

And it should not be just any discount, it should be something attractive enough for the customer to feel worth referring; and the same discount should be applied to the new customer to give them a warm welcome.

Referral programs can be completely successful if you know how to handle them in the right way. Do not lose sight of the fact that your clients can take you to the top if you make them feel that way, so take advantage of your good relationship with them and enjoy the advantages of referring.

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