How to make money online with Twitch by monetizing my streams

How to make money online with Twitch by monetizing my streams

Undoubtedly, social networks have become an excellent platform to earn money online, because people not only use them to communicate but also to obtain a wide variety of content in order to recreate and even learn.

In this post you will learn how to make money on the social network Twitch, one of the most widely used streaming platforms today. One of its curious facts that we can mention is that currently exceeds 1.7 million streamers , which has made it possible to view online video game games of players from all over the world. However, you can share a wide variety of content, as long as you do not violate their usage policies.

How-to guide to start streaming on Twitch easily

The first thing you should do to Becoming a streamer on Twitch and being able to generate money is to register on the social network, completing a simple form that requests personal information and confirmation of your email or phone number.

como ganar dinero extra haciendo streamings en una pc

In addition, you must have a server for the streaming broadcast, such as Twitch Studio that will allow you to store your transmissions on the platform so that they can be reproduced at any time . To start sharing content, you just have to create a transmission code and record yourself.

Ways to earn money with Twitch by monetizing streaming

To generate income on Twitch, it will not be enough for you to have an account on the popular streaming platform, but your channel must meet certain specifications that make you part of the affiliate or partner program and start making money with your content.


To be an affiliate on Twitch you must have a minimum of 50 followers on your channel and have broadcast at least 8 hours distributed in 7 different ones, reaching an average of 3 viewers. All these requirements must be met simultaneously during the same month.


Being a partner on Twitch will give you more elements to customize your channel, longer VOD storage time , among other things. To be part of this program, in addition to transmitting content, you must verify that you have a large number of followers on other platforms.

Once you belong to either of these two aforementioned programs, Twitch offers you four ways to generate money with your streams : donations, subscriptions, advertising and sponsorship. Below we mention and detail each one of them:

. Donations

Viewers of a broadcast can donate money to a streamer from Twitch by sending ” bits ”, a virtual currency that is purchased with Amazon Payments or PayPal, and that can be converted into real money. You should know that for every 100 bits that are donated to you, you will receive $ 1.

Similarly, a viewer can donate money directly to a streamer through PayPal. Although perhaps this is one of the least used methods, the only way to do this is that during the transmission you indicate your email linked to this payment platform.

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· Subscriptions

The platform has different subscription categories, each one has a different cost that is associated with the amount of benefits that the subscriber will have on a certain channel. The streamer will receive 50% of the subscription cost acquired by each of the channel’s subscribers.

· Advertising

Twitch broadcasts are always accompanied by different types of ads that will be visible to the viewer. This advertising generates money for the platform by being the advertiser, but if you are an affiliate member or partner, a percentage of those revenues will be paid to your channel.

· Sponsorship

On the other hand , sponsorship directly generates income to the streamer who can make a contract, outside the platform, with a commercial brand or company that wants to have participation within a transmission on his Twitch channel in order to give him more visibility to a product.

How and when does Twitch pay?

Twitch makes payments to streamers who have reached a minimum of $ 100 at the end of the month , if by that date you did not reach this amount, the money you have generated will be accumulated for the following month. Payments are made after the first 15 days of the month by checks, bank transfers, ACH, PayPal or payment hold.

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