How to manage corporate social networks

How to manage corporate social networks

In the age we live in, presence on social networks is essential. Virtually everyone has a Facebook or Instagram profile and companies have long understood that sponsoring and making their activities known through social networks is very important. Both to sell and to increase your brand awareness.

Managing , however, company profiles is not easy. Especially if you want to do it professionally to get real and concrete results in terms of visibility and leads. How then to manage corporate social networks in a functional way without relying on a social media manager?

Did you know?
The term brand awareness refers to the degree of awareness of a brand by the public

The importance of social media for companies

Facebook and Instagram for companies can be considered as showcases. Through the profile you can show your human side to the public, i.e. the faces of those who work, your products , the news and all the activities that revolve around your reality . But not only. Through these platforms and the use of social ads you can increase your turnover with campaigns aimed at sales , increase traffic on the site and even get new leads to turn into future leads.

The potentialities contained within Facebook and Instagram for companies are therefore many and it is clear how important it is to have a complete social profile , well organized and planned, with contents that create engagement and keep the fanbase active and willing to take action.

How to manage social media

Managing corporate social media is not easy though. Often some realities, especially the smaller ones, think they can do this activity internally. The erroneous belief that it is enough to entrust the Facebook or Instagram profile to a person who is young and smart, often leads some companies to be practically non-existent on social networks.

Having a profile isn’t enough. It is necessary to identify personas , organize a editorial plan of sensible and appealing content for users, keep engagement high and know how to use professional suites for sponsorships that are targeted, targeted and that give results.

Did you know?
The personas is an imaginary entity created in the field of marketing that contains the typical characteristics of the user who could be interested in that profile, brand or specific product

The best solution to manage a company’s Facebook or Instagram profiles is to always rely on a social media manager, but if you still want to try to start the business independently, here are some tips to do it better.

Come gestire il profilo social di un'azienda
Schedule Social: how to manage corporate Facebook

Manage Facebook

The first thing to do to manage a company’s Facebook profile is to set the entire page correctly. From the profile image, through to the cover image, the bio and information on opening hours or contact details.

Next, you need to identify the personas, that is, the user you want to talk to. You need to understand who to address your posts and activities to.

A company that sells school bags or backpacks must understand that its target audience will most likely be parents with school-age children and, for them, study the best language and what types of publications

This step is followed by the development of the editorial plan and the scheduling of the posts and images that will populate the page with specific and precise cadence.

Once this step has been performed, and a minimum of organic engagement has been created on the posts, generally we proceed with Facebook ADS campaigns aimed at brand awareness. Remember that inviting all relatives and friends to click Like on your company page is not the right way: those contacts will only be “facade”. Good management of corporate social networks leads to an increase in the audience of new users who are really interested in your business. Only after this step, you can begin to aim for increasing traffic on the site or e-commerce and selling with specific social ads.

To sponsor a post, it is not enough to click on the cta that appears under some posts that have performed better than others on the page. It is important to use the Business Manager, select an audience and do targeted tests

Organize the company Instagram profile

One of the most common mistakes made in Instagram management is to connect the profile of this platform with that of Facebook. By doing so, the same post that is published on a social network is automatically sent for publication on the other reality as well. An activity that might seem interesting to optimize the work, but which in the end is useless.

Come gestire il profilo Instagram di un'azienda
Manage corporate social networks: how Instagram works

Instagram has its own audience, generally younger than that of Facebook, and the focus is almost exclusively on the image. For this you need to manage a company Instagram profile keeping this information in mind. Change the language and change the contents of the posts even if the personas identified is the same. The organization of the editorial plan must therefore be studied ad hoc, as well as the identification of the reference hashtags and the follow up activities related to target or potential profiles customers.

Also in this case the social ads of Instagram are important and the same targeting and precautions are needed that are used on the Facebook platform. Only in this way, the fanbase created on your company’s Instagram profile will be really active and ready to turn into a lead or a potential buyer.

As you have seen managing corporate social networks correctly is not easy. In addition to these basic activities, there is also a whole crucial part related to data analysis and customer care . In short, either you rely on training courses, or the advice is to always contact professionals in the sector!

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