How to report a fake Badoo profile or account How to spot a fake profile?

How to report a fake Badoo profile or account How to spot a fake profile?

Badoo is one of the main social networks in the world , one in which hundreds of people register every day, whether to meet people, make friends , or why not a love relationship, which you can download from the Play Store.

How to Report a Fake Badoo Profile or Account How to Detect a Fake Profile?

However, and as unfortunately happens with most social networks, we find that there may be false profiles trying to deceive people or make them fall for scams.

It is for this reason that, to Next, to get started, we want to teach you some tricks to recognize a fake Badoo profile or account .

como saber si el perfil es real

How to identify a fake Badoo profile

In principle we must say that when we talk about fake Badoo profiles, mostly in these cases They have to see women’s accounts, who use them for purposes such as conquering men and then robbing them, etc. In any case, there are profiles that are real and with many photographs, that have many likes

Anyway, it should be noted that almost always these profiles that are false on Badoo, have very common characteristics , such as a smaller amount of photos in the profile than usual, something that will also help us to check if they are real, downloading them to see if they have been taken from Facebook or Instagram.

Precisely the above is the procedure that we can take advantage of in this type of case, since there are applications that allow us to know if our photographs or those of someone else are uploaded on Facebook, Badoo or other social networks.

Therefore, we can tell you about this application that will allow you to identify the photos of a Badoo profile to see if it is false. To know more about it, you just have to enter this explanation of how to know if someone has uploaded your Facebook photos to another account.

como denunciar perfil falso

Beyond what we mentioned Before, there is another way to know and differentiate a true Badoo profile from a real one, which is also very simple, because there are regular users of Badoo who are looking to be popular, but also many who are looking to do damage.

Normally what you should do in these cases is go to the person’s profile, where you will notice that next to the name and age a blue or light blue check should appear , where it will say something like Photo Verified . That means that it is an authentic profile and if you like the person you can like it.

The two mentioned above are the ways we have to know if a Badoo profile is false, and if it turns out that you are really in the presence of one of them, our recommendation is that you report it, either for later review or removal from the platform .

How to make a report on Badoo

Along with Tinder, one of the most popular applications today is Badoo. Actually, Badoo has been around for a long time, before apps and Android were so popular . That is why this social network for dating has millions of active users every month.

Although the problem is that on many occasions we can find a false profile. Something that can happen on any social network. Continuing with this from How to report a fake profile on Badoo ? It is important that in case you find a profile that is false, you report it so that it is closed.

badoo perfil falso

Many people do not even spend themselves in making a report of a profile . They prefer to ask for the Instagram of that person and verify if it really is a real person or not from said social network. It is perhaps easier to realize if that person is who they say they are.

But in case you do not want to share your Instagram to someone you do not know and you are very sure that it is a profile false . Then you will have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, you will open your Badoo account.
  • Then you have to be in the profile you want to report.
  • Now if you look you will see three points, you have to click on them.
  • A drop-down menu appears with different options: “Send a gift” or “ Block o Report ”.
  • Obviously you will have to click onβ€œ Block or Report ”.
  • You will be asked to fill in a form and once finished you will have to press the button “ Block and Report ” and lito.

perfil falso de badoo

Report a fake Badoo account

report a fake Badoo account , it takes you possibly less than a few minutes and in this way you can save time for many people who may spend many hours in conversations with other people who they do not claim to be who and No theory they show in their profiles.

What you can do if you have any kind of doubt is just ask them to add you to a social network. Since in this case you can see all their activity in it and it is much easier to realize if it is who they say they are.

In case you ask for the WhatsApp number it is not a good idea anymore that through this app you cannot see more than the profile photo . So it is a real waste of time if you want to confirm your suspicions that it is a fake profile.

While these applications are very useful for dating. But on the Internet, in absolutely all the apps or websites that we visit, we must be very careful since the anonymity that the Internet allows us to have is a double-edged sword on many occasions.

Have you identified a fake Badoo profile with these tricks that we have taught you?

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