How to schedule posts / images on Facebook and Instagram – App

How to schedule posts / images on Facebook and Instagram – App

How to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram ?
Facebook itself allows you to schedule the post, but how to see the preview? Here are some web services and apps that can help us


Web Services:


How to Schedule your Posts on Social Networks with Postcron

STEP 1: Go to Postcron and sign-in to your account through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ . Note that if this is the first time you’re accessing Postcron, you need to accept all the permissions (and when you login to Facebook, you’ll be asked about the visibility of your posts. Select “public” so that all your contacts can see your posts)




Later is the simplest way to manage visual content campaigns. Free (30 images per month)




Save time – and keep your profile constantly updated – by scheduling your Instagram content in advance. Listen to what is being said about your brand and keep your competitors under control to never lose sight of the overview of your situation. Learn More

From 19 euros per month



Every day, Crowdfire makes you perform some quick actions tailored to your goals: more sales, more visitors, more clicks, more followers… Read More

Risultati immagini per crowdfire



Mosaico is designed to bring your Instagram feed to perfection.
Curate and complement your growing Instagram feed with seamless organization, planning, and tagging. Just as necessary as photo filters are, Mosaico is a tool to help craft and elevate your Instagram aesthetic. It’s your world, make it perfect!

6 euros on the app store



For those who need to better manage and organize their publications on instagram, both in terms of position and grid and as regards the “ when to publish the photos “, An app comes to our aid by simulating the Instagram grid with the ability to change the order of photos, adjust filters and schedule publication.

We’re talking about “Preview for Instagram”, available for both Android and ios

To upload the photos click on the + button at the top right. To delete a photo click on it and the tab with the menu and the various options will appear below you, including the trash can.

To change the order of the photos, the system is still a bit complicated: select two adjacent photos that you want to swap. For example, if you want to take the first photo to the last position, you will have to swap it with all the neighboring ones until it reaches the end.

On the site you will find all the information and suggestions to make the most of the application.

Inside the editing section there is also a tool to modify the filter of photographs similar to the Vsco presets. (We suggest you modify the photo filters with tools like Vsco or Photoshop / Lightroom to have homogeneous filters and full control over them)


An alternative is Snug; Still in development, the app will allow you to preview what your next Instagram post might look like in comparison to your existing feed before sending it. Swap, crop and export everything in one app.

Coming Soon.


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