The best tips to create videos that sell

The best tips to create videos that sell

videos de venta

In times where instant content
reigns above the rest, it is not surprising that there is more and more publicity
in video format. To mention some valuable examples, Facebook reports
more than 8,000 million video views per day and the videos
sponsored on Instagram generate up to 3 times more comments than the

These figures are a strong indicator that the
audiovisual content is on the rise and has no plans to stop in the years

Knowing the enormous opportunity that represents
have videos of your brand and your products,

What are you waiting to start creating them? Go on
reading and discover some of the most useful tips to generate videos that
really sell.

What is the objective of your videos?

The first step to take before even
taking a camera in your hands is projection.

Like any other decision you make in your
company, it is important to sit down to discuss or decide what the objective of
your videos and even each video individually.

Video Marketing - Equipos para crear videos
Video Marketing – Equipment to create videos

Plan ahead

video marketing planificación
Video Camera

So now you know what you want to achieve with
your video, the next step is planning.

Did you know that 1 minute you spend on
Planning a task will save you 10 minutes of completing it?

Following this premise is of utmost importance
that you draw a diagram of the video to be recorded.

Determine if your videos will have a tone
formal and informative or a casual and familiar one and plan the script to follow so as not
set aside any information that may be relevant when selling your
brand or a product.

Be professional

To delve a little more into this tip, we
We mean that you be as professional as your resources allow.

What does this mean? Maybe it’s your
first videos and you decided to take care of them instead of hiring
someone to cut costs.

We know you probably don’t have a team
professional recording, sound and lighting; but there are many ways to
Take advantage of the material you have on hand.

videos de ventas
Young Man Signing Promotion Video

Remember that some of the more channels
Popular started with nothing more than a brightly lit window and a plain background,
but well ordered.

Don’t let your lack of resources affect the
appearance of your company, always think about how audiences will see it.

Include hard data or figures

This tip is particularly useful when selling a product or service through video.

cifras de uso de videos

To convince your potential audience of the
advantages of your product over that of the competition, the most common is
refer to evidence. For this you can make use of figures, official data
backed by official studies and even testimonials from satisfied customers.

Believe it or not, gathering evidence is something that
many brands forget, and it could make the difference between a video completely
irrelevant and the missing element to convince an indecisive customer.

Keep it simple

Even though a video is -by obvious
reasons- much more dynamic than an image, that does not mean that it sticks to
different rules (or no rules) of the design.

marketing de videos simple

In a video you must continue to consider the
colorimetry, contrast, text saturation, avoid difficult colors to
project on certain types of screen and avoid poor quality animations.

Keep the style as simple as possible
will make a much better impression on audiences as there will be fewer elements than
must remember.

Includes a call to action

Of course, your video will not be a video of
sale if you don’t include a call to action. Before your video ends
promotional, be sure to ask your customers to do exactly what
you expect them.

llamada de acción video

The most common calls to action involve
have the audience call a phone number, send inbox to request
more information, make your quote on your website or directly that

Including a call to action is also a
very useful method to debug those people who are not contemplating
consume your product, leaving only those who are truly
interested to continue with the convincing work.

Share your video on all possible platforms

marketing de video

Make sure your video fits
different sizes or that can be shared on different platforms without
no problem or distortion.

Constantly check the video quality and
verifies that the information can be clearly appreciated from any

Share your video on different social networks
will greatly increase the reach of audiences, giving you more opportunities to

Now It’s Your Turn

This is how simple it can be to create videos that
they really sell.

Don’t forget to follow all these tips with each
one of the videos that you plan and do not lose the record, your audiences
they will want to keep seeing more and more content from your brand.

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