What are the differences between the Telegram and WhatsApp groups? Which is better?

What are the differences between the Telegram and WhatsApp groups? Which is better?

When in contact with people from all over the world, instant messaging applications are the preferred ones. Although WhatsApp has positioned itself as one of the best applications, Telegram is not far behind. Since, not only does it have its original version, but it also has a new improvement called Telegram X where you can see subtle differences that make thousands of people download it widely.

Regarding the topic of security, both applications fulfill their function but Telegram stands out for having a two-factor authentication system so that your personal data is always protected. In the case of groups, these are essential to manage More personalized topics whether they are created for work, leisure or study purposes. So both applications have this advantage.

That is why today we will be informing you about the differences between the Telegram and WhatsApp groups so that you can make the best decision according to your specific need.

Main differences between the WhatsApp and Telegram groups

The main function of the groups in both applications is to maintain active communication and facilitate the best tools where information can be shared , be it chains to entertain friends or more serious and professional data. So, in the next section, we will provide you with all the details that make these Apps slightly different from each other.

grupos de telegram para enviar mensajes en el movil

User limit

We will start by talking to you about the limit that is allowed in both Apps with respect to the users that can enter each group. Therefore, WhatsApp can host 256 members in total, which is ideal if you need to share information with many people. Now, in the case of Telegram, it is possible to add only 200 members in total, but the App has the alternative of supergroups in case you want to add another 100 people.

Who can see the phone number?

In case you are concerned about security, WhatsApp has a disadvantage and that is that any member of the group can have visibility regarding your phone number. However, WhatsApp offers the option to block users in case someone wants to disturb your privacy. As for Telegram, the number will only be shared with the people you have registered in your phonebook, other people can only see your username.

People who can add you to groups

In this case, in WhatsApp not all people can be added in a certain group, while in Telegram it is possible to select the contacts that you want to be added to avoid being invited to groups that are not relevant to you.

grupos en la aplicacion de whatsapp para ver en el movil

Share voice messages and view mentions system

Both options are extremely important since voice messages They allow ideas to be communicated more clearly and precisely . While the mention system turns out to be extremely useful for one of the group participants to be alert to any call when the @ symbol is written and then her name so that the respective notification arrives. So in both applications this is fully allowed.

Sending photos and multimedia history

If what you want most is to send informative images, you can do it in both applications without problem. In addition, the multimedia history of all the files that have been shared is stored correctly in both Telegram and WhatsApp, which is very useful in the event that it is necessary to search for a specific file in the memory of the phone.

WhatsApp vs Telegram Which of the two applications is better?

As you have seen, one of the biggest differences between both Apps is the amount of users that can be added to groups. Otherwise, they have practically the same functionalities in terms of voice notes, sending photos, contacts, among others.

So you can freely choose either of the two because they turn out to be extremely functional for manage groups in the most appropriate way, but also pay attention to the issue of security to back up all your data.

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