What is TikTok and how can I start using it?

What is TikTok and how can I start using it?

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When it seemed that the social media market could not be more saturated, an app from far away arrived Orient to prove to us not only that there was room for one more, but that it would change the game forever.

Since its creation, TikTok has perfectly demonstrated how society is in need of ultra-instant and 100% visual content. If you want to know a little more about this platform and take the big leap to start using it, keep reading this article.

The origin of TikTok

The history of this social network is quite curious, because in reality it began as another type of application completely, well, almost completely. TikTok was created in 2016 by the company China Bytedance (creator of the most used “Google” search engine in its country) and was originally called Douyin.

After an excessive growth and a devastating popularity, in 2017 They made the right decision to buy the American social network Musical.ly and merge both apps to create the monster that now inhabits the cell phones of all young people. Since its introduction to the Western market, TikTok began to break records and fight against the giants of the networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What does it consist of?

But what is TikTok really about? Well, this social network has videos as its base content. To be more precise, these are 15-second videos that are repeated in an loop – something like Vine did in his glory days.

With a single accepted format and so little viewing time; the most popular content to share on TikTok are music and dance videos or clips, although you can also see funny mini-segments.

But the real
attractiveness of this social network, at least for its young users, is the
overwhelming amount of filters and digital plugins that can be applied
to the recordings. It is said that in these filters is the true essence of the
TikTok experience. If you do not see the “magic” of this social network, we are sorry,
you are probably no longer in their niche.

Make sure it is the right social network for you

If you want to start using TikTok for promotional purposes in networks for your company, the first and most important step is that do a self-test to determine if it really is the right network for you.

As mentioned above, TikTok’s fast, eye-catching and digestible features make it an almost exclusive network for young people (90% of users are under 35 years old), in fact, this network is said to belong to the Centennials generation. So if -and only if- your product or service is explicitly aimed at a young sector of the population, we recommend having a presence on TikTok.

Create specific content

You will remember that TikTok is a social network that consists mainly and exclusively of videos 15 seconds in a format similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories. Although it shares dimensions with other networks, it does not mean that you can simply share or “adapt” your content to TikTok.

Keep in mind that both the duration and trends and the audience are very different from other social networks, and if you want to take advantage of content from another platform, you will only get less views and interaction. Taking into account the attractiveness of the app, take advantage of the musical tunes and the ultra-attractive graphics.

Don’t forget to interact

As in any of your social networks, the key point to having a “healthy” digital marketing strategy is that you don’t forget to do your part in the user-company dialogue. TikTok, like any other, is a platform that allows interactions between accounts through “likes”, comments, shares, mentions and even responds to content from other users with their own video.

Take advantage of these interaction features and don’t forget to thank the “likes”, the new followers and always seek to generate “conversation” among the members of your TikTok community. This platform is very new and very eye-catching, but it shouldn’t intimidate you in the least.

Whether you intend to use TikTok for advertising purposes or you just want to know what it is that keeps young people so entertained and you want a person account; It is only a matter of downloading the app, creating your account and in a couple of clicks you will have in your hands one of the most impressive galleries of ready-to-consume digital content and much more waiting to be created.

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