What is YouTube history and how to delete or delete history from your PC or Android?

What is YouTube history and how to delete or delete history from your PC or Android?

After Google search; YouTube is the most used website in the world. That is precisely why few people have not yet downloaded or updated YouTube … Everyone knows about it! However, its popularity is not due to a bit of luck, but to the great variety of content it has stored since its creation in 2005.

More than 2 million users lo They use, consuming daily music videos and other types of recordings that can be accessed, and even shared through WhatsApp with friends.

formas de suprimir el historial de youtube en un portatil

It is precisely that variety that makes that at the end of the day our history is collapsed, with content that may not be seen by children who also use the device; heads of companies; or it just happens that the application is slowed down and we want to clean it. Even doing it is much easier than it seems, and here we will show you everything you need to know to delete YouTube history, browsing without leaving a trace.

What is YouTube history?

In general, it aims to improve your search experience as a user; allowing you to locate recently viewed videos, in case you don’t remember the name, artist or any other location data. Also and to optimize the ease of access to these options, they have managed to classify them into 2 types:

Youtube search history

The search history works through the search engine internal to the web , which handles icons to represent searches: If you have never clicked on that option, the phrase is displayed with a magnifying glass on the far left; But if you have already entered, it shows you in that same place a small clock.

Youtube reproductions history

On the other hand, this appears as an option on the web that is accessed through the menu on computers, or through the “Library” button in the case of Adnroid phones. A list of videos is displayed in chronological order according to how they were viewed; offering the possibility of resuming some, or to see it again if you wish.

How to erase the Youtube history of a PC or Android? Step by step

In case you do not want to leave clues about what you were browsing on YouTube, we tell you that the history can be deleted as many times as you want and directly from the web.

Clear YouTube history from a PC

Enter your trusted browser, access YouTube and log in if necessary (If you have your Gmail account linked, it will not be necessary … With this ready, we begin:

  1. Select the menu that is in the upper left corner, graphed with three lines, then you will immediately see the “History” section, click on it.
  2. Once inside you will see how configuration options will appear on the right side of the screen … Right there you will find a control called “Delete all playback history” and another called “Manage all history.” In case you want to completely delete the video history, vi These, select the first option and follow the steps.
  3. If you also want to discard recent searches, click below on “History of searches and reproductions” . Here you will have the option to delete both by period of time; choose the date or “Since always”, to delete all the activity of the account.

Delete the YouTube history of an Android

Enter the application, click on the small circle in the upper right corner where you can access your account; A number of options will be displayed that allow you to manage it as you wish.

metodo de borrar historial de youtube en un movil

  • Then, press the “Configuration” option , click again in the section “History and privacy”, and finally, you will see that you will have the possibility to erase the two histories separately; Finish by choosing the one you want or both if it is your preference.
  • A small box will appear explaining what is going to be eliminated , and in blue the possibility of “Delete history of reproductions “or” Clear search history “; depending on the case.

With that you will have it ready; However, and in case you want to totally silence a type of content , you can also block YouTube accounts or channels, and forget about those videos completely.

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