What to study to become a social media manager

What to study to become a social media manager

In today’s world, in the changing reality in which we are inserted and live day after day, the web plays a crucial role. Thus was born the figure of the social media manager , a professional who deals with managing communication, for example on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin …

After all, the way of working, advertising and talking to the public has changed. Today everything is smarter, faster and in some ways even liquid, quoting Zygmunt Bauman. For this you need to be updated and in step with the times. Becoming a social media manager today is a dream for many, but the path of study and the skills to be acquired are many.

Who is a social media manager?

In general, we can say that a social media manager can be a freelancer, working as a freelancer, or a figure included in the work team of a marketing and communication agency. One thing is important: understand what to study to fill this role well.

You can’t improvise because you need adequate preparation to meet the customer’s needs. The main tasks concern communication at 360 degrees and it is a subject that must be studied and deepened constantly.

What it needs to know and what it does

Often this figure is hired by a company or a public figure who needs help to communicate correctly with its audience and, at the same time, expand its audience. To do this, the social media manager must:

  • Know the language of the various social networks
  • Select the ones that best suit your client
  • Study a marketing strategy to achieve the objectives
  • Create an editorial plan of visual and textual content to be published on profiles on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Optimize social pages to get a good number of visits and interactions
  • Take care of customer care, i.e. respond to comments, monitor interactions and resolve any problems related to negative reviews

As we said then, a social media manager is responsible for creating brand awareness , increasing it, finding new leads, potential customers and, of course, retaining the already purchased audience so as not to lose users. And to get these results you absolutely have to study!

Do you know what Brand Awareness is? This is the reputation of your brand, brand or person you are representing with your work as a Social Media Manager

Diventare un social media manager
study to become a successful SMM

What to study to become a professional

Once you understand who the social media manager is and what he does, let’s see what it takes to study to become a professional in the sector. First of all, even before thinking about the degree courses or the online training courses to follow, it is important to understand if you want to study communication , marketing and always update . This is a profession in constant growth and evolution, so you have to continue to train even when you have become a pro!

Specifically what to study to become a social media manager there are many degree courses in communication that offer basic training in this area. But even more important are the specialized courses and masters focused on web marketing and the digital economy.

As for the where to study Social Media Marketing there are many online courses and you can choose the reality that you think is the most appropriate, also checking the reviews and opinions of other students

Warning! Make sure that the course you have chosen to follow later issues a recognized certificate or diploma

The fundamental subjects to learn

Among the subjects that are necessary to become a social media manager you will surely find marketing , a bit of economics and, of course, Italian ! Writing a good text that accompanies the creativity you have decided to publish on social networks is essential to “attract” users. There can be no mistakes and above all you need to adopt specific persuasive writing techniques.

We then discovered, at a bird’s eye view, what are the main topics to know, the subjects to study and how to become a social media manager. Alongside the theory, however, remember that it also takes a lot of practice. A little apprenticeship or an internship in a company with professionals could therefore be the key to becoming real professionals!

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