7 Tips to Make Effective Live Videos on Facebook and Instagram

7 Tips to Make Effective Live Videos on Facebook and Instagram

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In recent years the preference of the
audiences to video content has grown exponentially, and not
intends to stop.

If you are looking for a simple and ultra
effective in reaching thousands and even millions of users who could
take an interest in your business look no further, the live videos of Facebook and
Instagram is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

Read these tips to learn how to use them effectively.

​​ 1. Give the live video a proper promotion

Sure, Facebook and Instagram videos are live, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of your strategy you cannot – or should – plan ahead. Giving your live video a good promotion will guarantee larger audiences who are eagerly awaiting your exclusive content.

Facebook or Instastories posts and stories that announce from a couple of days to a couple of hours before the broadcast of your video is considered a courtesy to your audiences as well as a good advertising reminder.

2. Remember to repeat the objective of your video

This point may sound confusing to you, but we simply mean that, when your broadcast in alive lasts 10 minutes or more, it is important that you constantly repeat the reason for your video.

Being a live broadcast, not everyone will start to see it from the beginning; some followers join already started and if they do not understand what the video is about, it is very likely that they do not understand, get bored and end up abandoning the transmission. Although you do not need to repeat the reason for the video every two words, just mentioning it at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of it will suffice.

​​ 3. Plan lighting and sound

As if it were a television broadcast, you must take great care of all the details that surround the elaboration of the video; even more so because it is a live video where you cannot stop the recording or repeat it.

Make sure that the internet connection is optimal, the lighting is flattering and that the audio is clear for all who see your video on their cell phones. Likewise, if you have the opportunity, plan your “scenario” a bit and of course the appearance of who (s) will appear in front of the camera.

4. Write a good hook content

Although this point only applies in a live video from Facebook (because Instagram does not show us the copy of a live broadcast), it is also important that you plan a suitable copy for its promotion.

Keep it short, direct but above all that generate enough curiosity so that your audience feels the desire to connect at the indicated time to hear what you have to say about your new collection, witness your company’s participation in the event “X” or join a forum where they will explain to detail the best kept secrets of your industry.

5. Give valuable information

And since we are talking about well-kept secrets, it is important to touch on this issue when we refer to live videos from Facebook and Instagram.

We know that this type of content is increasingly common, but also It is very common to see a lot of nonsense, content and tasteless recordings on the networks. A live broadcast should be a very special occasion and one that generates a lot of expectation in your audience.

The least that your followers deserve is that they
you give truly interesting content and you can even refer to the
transmission as “proprietary information”, to give users to see it
the feeling that they are witnessing something that not everyone will see.

6. Do it in the usual way

While we mentioned that live broadcasts are considered “special” content and should not be done for any reason, it is also important to learn how to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy.

If you take the time to create a “capsule” of interviews, tutorials, discussions, or question-and-answer sessions; Little by little they will generate not only interest but need from your audiences.

Think that you can turn your live broadcasts into the most anticipated segment of the week for many people. This perfectly fulfills the mission of creating relevant and interesting content.

7. Not
forget to interact

The last tip, but probably the most
important is that you do not forget that in these times your duty as a brand is not
only create content but also maintain open channels of communication with
your audiences and potential clients.

Facebook and Instagram live transmissions allow other users to make comments or give you reactions when watching your video, so you must remember to also be present through that medium and answer questions and comments.

An original way to take advantage of this resource is to ask a question in the middle of your broadcast and see and even read aloud some of the answers you receive.

It may seem very laborious, but Actually creating live videos for Facebook and Instagram is much simpler and can bring you enormous advantages, such as that your audiences see the most human part of your brand and are inclined to consume your product or service out of pure affinity.

What are you waiting to record your first live video?

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