7 Tips to Promote Your Product on Social Networks

7 Tips to Promote Your Product on Social Networks

promocion en redes sociales

The Internet is
full of products. It is true, it seems that it is a medium enough
saturated to have a real chance of success. But this is not
truth. You just need the right tools and techniques and the
enough creativity to stand out from the crowd.

If you have a
exceptional product and you think it could interest large quantities of
people, you just need to follow these 7 useful tips and promote your product
on social networks so that everyone knows and buys it.

1. Create your catalog on Facebook and Instagram

This is
probably the first step to follow if your business consists of selling
products, especially if they are physical. One of the enormous advantages that we
the sister platforms Facebook and Instagram offer are their relatively
new integrated catalogs.

Through them,
your followers and new audiences can have the complete information of your
products without even exiting the app. Create your catalog or link it
directly from your ecommerce is very simple. In a few steps you can
tag products or advertise them to generate traffic to your website.

2. Make promotions and contests on networks

Audiences love
entertaining content, they also love to WIN.

If you want to generate
interactions in your profile and increase the expectation regarding your products,
organize a contest through your social networks.

Generally in the
social networks contests are not so demanding with the participants,
requesting actions such as giving “Like” to all your social channels,
share a photo by tagging the account or tagging friends in the
comments to participate.

This will reactivate your
account and fill it with followers truly intrigued by knowing your
new products. Remember that all contests must adhere to the
Official guidelines of the platform you are using.

3. Correctly use the hashtags

The hashtags are a
social media what SEO is to Google. Essentially they are the way
that you can “categorize” your content and make it visible in searches
specific users.

hashtags populares

So that the
people who reach your content through hashtags, try to choose
those that are a little longer but much more precise on the subject; not
you only laugh at the number of searches per hashtag.

Following this
logic, #sun can have as many searches as possible, however
#sunprotection will be a much more precise search for a brand of
sunscreens who want to reach potential customers.

4. Don’t be afraid of Stories

We know what to create
“impromptu” content can be much more challenging than planning it with a lot of
advance, however, this can bring you great advantages.

The format of
Facebook and Instagram stories consist of photos or videos that are displayed
a limited number of seconds and has a 24 hour life, after which the
which content permanently disappears from the platform.

Another article that may interest you: how promote your business on Instagram

Take advantage of
this modality and get playful with your product. The good thing about stories is
that audiences seek freshness and brevity, so you can expose your
product in flashy settings and even record it being used to dissipate

And as we talk
of videos…

5. Create advertising videos

speak for themselves, video content is increasingly popular with
audiences of all ages and any type of device.

creacion de videos

Being a format
much shorter, digestible and less demanding towards people’s attention,
the video format is extremely effective in achieving your promotional goals
a new product.

Create a video
advertising where you show the advantages of your product and accompany it with figures
that highlight its attractiveness in the market. While YouTube is an excellent
platform for videos (for obvious reasons), you can also adapt the size
of your content for other networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even

6. Give paid promotion to your publications

Despite the various free techniques that exist to give a good promotion to a new product, it always helps greatly to work on paid promotions.

anuncios de facebook
Facebook Ads

Inject you
budget (even if it is a very modest one) to a publication that has been
particularly successful it can reach up to 100 times more people.

The secret of
promoting your publications is having your audience well studied and creating a
careful targeting to make sure your product will be seen by
people really interested in buying it.

7. Seek collaborations with Influencers

This tip brings enormous advantages, among which a possible fruitful long-term relationship with a personality stands out. to help you grow your business.

Marketing with Influencers

No matter in which branch your company is located, we assure you that there are influencers (people with great influence, authority and popularity in social networks) relevant to it.

The objective is to find an influencer with a solid base of followers who will listen to their recommendations and establish a collaboration to promote your product as a personal recommendation.

Collaborations imply that the influencer receives a payment, others may be for
means of exchanges where your company gives you the product and in exchange
this one promotes it. It is an excellent method for small businesses that cannot
pay for great collaborations.

Now It’s Your Turn

These 7 tips will become your best ally to make the right people know your product. Remember to be consistent and not be afraid to use your creativity to find new ways to promote your brand and your amazing products.

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