How to create a professional Facebook page for companies or businesses – Facebook companies

How to create a professional Facebook page for companies or businesses – Facebook companies

Facebook is an application that all of us use, or most of us currently use it, believe it or not, there are people who have not yet downloaded the application and are not interested in doing so . / p>

But most of us use this social network simply as a means of leisure, since we can waste a lot of time watching videos, sharing memes, being in groups, etc.

Although the truth is that Facebook is not just about that, we are talking about a network that, as its name says, “is a network that connects thousands of people” with whom we can interact in a simple way , simply by typing.

How to Create a Facebook Page Professional for Companies

In case you haven’t noticed or never thought about it this way, Facebook is a place where you can contact thousands of people, which generates a great business opportunity, you can advertise whatever!

Since you sell things online, until you publish your business , which can help you increase your sales or visits to your online pages since there are some tricks to be famous and increase your followers on your page so if you are interested in this, keep reading.

A Facebook business page is a free opportunity for companies to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook. How to Create a Business Profile Page on Facebook?

To create a Facebook business page, simply log into your personal account and then follow the methods to create your business profile.

As we have already mentioned, Facebook can become a very useful tool for your business , even more so because you have the possibility of linking your accounts with other social networks such as Instagram, which increases your visits .

estadisticas herramientas publicacion

How can I Create a Business Profile Page on Facebook? step by step

  • Sign up for a Facebook business page.
  • Business Pages are created using a personal Facebook account, so you will need to log into your account first.
  • On the right side of the blue toolbar, find and click the “ Create ” button.
  • Select “Page” from the menu: A drop-down list will appear after clicking “Create”.
  • Select the first option, “Page”, to create your Facebook Business Page.
  • Choose a page category: You will have the choice between two categories of pages: a “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure”.
  • Most for-profit companies will want to choose Business or Brand.

Enter your Business Information, it is the most important step so that they can contact you.

Tell him what you want the name of your business page to be. This must be the same as your actual business name . Then choose the business category that best represents what your business offers.

For example, a clothing brand could enter “Clothing”, which will then pre-populate a list of related options that you can choose from.

Upload your Profile photo and Cover photo to verify that it is a serious company

Next, choose a photo to upload as your business page profile picture. Companies often use their logo as profile image.

But you can use any photo that represents your trademark and that of your company. Make sure your image is clear and not clipping.

elegir foto perfil

Now invite your Friends to “Like” so that you start having followers on your page

It will ask you to invite your current Facebook friends from your personal account to like your new business page , this way if they did not know about your business it is a practical way to show them .

Existing friends can provide a good starting base of likes for a new Business Page, so it is recommended to go ahead and do this.

Don’t forget to include Additional Business Details

In the menu on the left, find and select “ About “. This is where you will enter information that informs readers about your business, so they will have a clearer idea of ​​what you are about.

From ways of contacting you to your products or menu. Enter all pertinent information , such as your website, hours, and contact information.

An equally very important step: Add a Button to your Page

To do this, click the blue option “ + Add a button” on the left side of your page below your cover image. You can choose between the following types of buttons : Book with you, contact you, get more information, buy or download.

Select the type of button that best suits your business. For example, a salon would probably want to use the Book option with you , while a brand that sells products would consider the Shop option.

Now that you’ve done all of the above, you can start promoting yourself: Market your Facebook Business Page by Being Active on Facebook

Creating a Facebook business page is just the first step in promoting your business on Facebook. You will need to be active on Facebook, you must have your accounts or sessions open to promote your page and grow an audience.

For example, you will not only want to be consistent in posting to your page, but you will also want to actively participate in relevant groups where your target audience is probably spending their time.

How to Create a Page From Facebook? Complete Guide

Despite the comings and goings and the enormous amount of controversy in which it has been involved in recent times, Facebook is still one of the main social networks in the world , if not the most important.

It has a series of contents that are simply not available in other similar platforms , and that is why below we want to show you some of those that you should not lose sight of.

For example, we wanted to stop at the Facebook pages or fanpages , which little by little have become more and more known, and that many users of this social network already take advantage of to show their products or services.

These pages are useful when we want to show others our business, the organization we are part of, etc . And it’s not only about creating it but also after promoting it, trying to get as many fans as possible.

Now, we know that to promote it first you have to generate the page , and that is why if you have difficulties with it, in the following lines we are going to show you the step by step that you have to follow in such cases.

Fortunately creating a page or fanpage on Facebook is something much more simple than it seems , and in the following lines we are going to show you the procedure you must follow to achieve it.

llegar personas seguidores

How can I create a fanpage on Facebook step by step

Well, assuming you are sure to create a page or fanpage on Facebook, the first thing you have to do is turn on your computer in the usual way, and then open any browser with which you feel satisfaced. The steps then are the following:

  • Log in to Facebook from its official website with the account or profile that you want to be the administrator of this page
  • When you are at this Start, look in the menu on the left for the Pages option that appears near the bottom of the screen
  • At that moment, click on the Create page section
  • When you have entered this section you will see that there are different options among which we are especially interested in those that have to do with customizing the page in question
  • We will be able to decide if it is a local store or a place of passage, etc. You can also add the location of your business if you wish
  • Later you must specify if it is a trade or if you pursue other purposes that may have to do with publicizing your work as an artist, entertaining, showing charitable causes, etc.
  • When you have selected the type of page you want to generate, you must enter a name for it. It is important that you bear in mind that some names are already used, so it must be a completely new one. If you’re starting a startup, it might even be a good idea to rename it to get the name on Facebook
  • At the end of the previous step you have to click Start
  • Then the page creation process continues, so you will have to upload an image to distinguish it, and it may be one that you had previously uploaded to Facebook as well as one that you have stored on your computer
  • When loaded, you will have the possibility to access a Preview that will show you how it looks
  • If you are satisfied you have to click Continue to follow the process of creating a Facebook page
  • At this moment you have to start getting fans for your page, and our recommendation is that first of all you ask your friends or close ones, so that you start with a good number of fans for when you decide to expand
  • When you have invited several of them, click Continue to finish the process
  • Finally, you will have to add a website to which you want this page to refer, since almost always if it is a business, an organization or the like, we will also have an official page for it
  • After adding it again you must click Continue

You will then have created your page on Facebook, and from then on you will have to keep it updated trying to reach new followers, and also taking advantage of the tools that the social network offers us in these cases.

introducir nombre comercial

We leave you some tips to create a page on Facebook in a simple way

Well, now that you know what are all the steps you have to follow whenever you want to create your fanpage on Facebook, you should not lose sight of the fact that there are some recommendations that you should take into account .

For example, whenever you want to promote your business, bet on creating a page instead of doing it from your personal profile, since in that case Facebook moderators could penalize you and even delete your profile .

As you may have realized, creating a Facebook page to expand your business can be done very easily, besides there is one more surprise for you.

Having a page on Facebook will be easier for you if you download the Facebook Business Suite application, since with this means you can manage your page more easily, view statistics and have several tools at hand more quickly.

Have you been able to create a Facebook page with this step by step?

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