How to get more likes, likes and followers on Facebook – Useful tips

How to get more likes, likes and followers on Facebook – Useful tips

Facebook is a social network that has billions of profiles of people from all over the world, people who react to the publications of others by putting a like or like, among other reactions, when they agree with them. Well, it is clear that the more likes we have, the better it is, and for this reason we did not want to stop making an article in which we teach some tips to those people who want to know which are the best publications to have more likes or likes.

conseguir likes facebook

Posts that get a lot of likes

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that, generally, the number of likes or likes has to do directly with the number of friends that we have within this social network . What happens is that if we are a person who has many friends, the chances are greater that some of them will like us in the publications, and in this way, the likes will be more.

Another no-minor detail in order to get as many likes as possible has to do with we are active within the platform , since those people who are not too active begin to stop appearing on the walls of others, reducing the chances of having reactions, you can know who visits your profile.

facebook conseguir me gusta

Get many likes on Facebook

However, and as we know that you may have come to this article to know in detail what type of publication we have to upload to social networks for them to be successful , we are going to focus specifically in some good examples of them:

  • Romantic relationships : when we publish a photo for the first time with our boyfriend, girlfriend or husband or wife, that usually has many likes.
  • Pregnancies: pregnancy, waiting for a new child, is another type of publication that tends to garner many likes in these types of situations.
  • Birth : and if we were talking about pregnancies, we have exactly the same to say about the births of children, be they children, relatives, etc.
  • New studies : starting to study a new career is also usually very popular on social media.
  • Finish a project : if you have been carrying out a project that your friends or acquaintances have known for a long time, when you finish it, do not stop publishing, since that will allow you to obtain many likes or likes.

The five publications, or any of their kind, are the ones that generally get the most likes or likes on Facebook and the different social networks, so that when you want to be more popular, then you have to bet on they. Nowadays, having a fanpage on Facebook is something totally necessary for most businesses. The social network is a tool that we can use to reach thousands of people with a relatively little effort.

But taking the first steps in this social network with a fanpage is not exactly something easy to achieve. So in this small article we are going to see some tips that you should take into account to learn how get more visits to your fanpage , which in most cases ends up generating more likes to it, a good option is to link your Instagram account.

¿ How to Get More Likes and Followers on my Facebook Page?

How to increase the activity of my fanpage

The first thing you have to do is generate quality content for your followers . This is essential because if said content is really of quality they will end up sharing the publication, liking it or commenting. Which will undoubtedly increase its scope to a greater or lesser extent.

You should always keep in mind if what you are publishing would interest you. You must put yourself in the place of the other person from time to time and be self-critical with the work you are doing on said fanpage. Another thing that is important is the variety of content. This means that sometimes it is good to vary a little in what we publish. From publishing a photo , an image gallery, a video, an animated gif, etc.

You should also consider relaxing a bit, especially if it’s a business fanpage. It is not necessary that everything you post is strictly about the business or products . You can post things referring to “good morning”, “good night”, a joke that has to do with your product, etc.

incrementar seguidores facilmente facebook

How to get more visits to my Facebook fanpage

Another thing you can do is hire advertising . Facebook gives us this option and it is really quite inexpensive considering the scope that it can have. But this option should never be the only option you have on the table. More than anything you should use it as much as possible as soon as you are starting and little by little stop doing it. Something that can considerably increase the number of visits and especially likes is that you run a contest . Generally all contests go well on this social network. Where you ask them to share the publication and leave their like on your fanpage, you can put the Facebook publication on your website.

Answering any kind of question or message that your users have is also important. In this way you build trust and create a relationship. This person will be a loyal customer of your product. The human factor and your charisma when dealing with them is what can make the difference between your product or fanpage and that of any other , this is extremely important. Another thing to keep in mind is the possibility of launching exclusive Facebook offers to motivate people to follow your fanpage. Since these offers are available only to those who visit it.

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