How to know who visits my Facebook profile or visits it a lot. Is it possible?

How to know who visits my Facebook profile or visits it a lot. Is it possible?

Surely not only you, but a huge number of people who belong to your group of acquaintances , friends, family, etc., have an account on Facebook, and it is essentially the most important social network on the planet.

For this reason, we find it interesting to highlight at this point that although many tricks related to the itself , even a huge number of users have doubts about whether it is possible to know who enters our profile.

And let’s be honest, many of us are morbid, and we want to know if We can know who to review our profiles, as well as knowing if who is reviewed by us , will be able to find out some day.

Therefore, l to One million dollar question around Facebook today is whether it is possible to know who reviews our profiles or walls of this platform. What do you think?

Facebook ensures absolute privacy, but is this really true?

The truth is that, as we said, Facebook with its millions of users all over the planet , ensures that user information remains private, and therefore that affects not only who has a wall, but also who visits it.

However, all those who We usually go around the web, we will have found on more than one occasion with dirty promises of programs or applications that ensure that they will allow us to find out who visits your profile on Facebook as long as we send them money, or do something for them.

In essence, you have to be careful, because in many cases it is only cybercriminals who want to take advantage of the possibilities of less expert users .

The truth is that to be honest, at least for now there is no way of knowing who reviews our profiles or Facebook walls, and we celebrate that it is so, otherwise we could become too paranoid when enjoying this social network.

Of course, if you have a hacker friend or you are, it is possible to hack the social network and perhaps in that case you can know this information, which however is not available to ordinary users.

How do the rest of the people see your Facebook?

The most curious thing is that there are so many people who are interested in knowing if Facebook allows us to know who reviews our accounts, what in Even from the social network they have wanted to remove all doubts.

For this, neither more nor less than on their official Help Service website, they have published a page clarifying that it is not possible according to the answer described, and furthermore, that “there is no third-party tool or application that allows you to know who has visited you on Facebook “, so if someone assures you that they have that information, they simply lie to you.

For this reason, when those who say that have applications or programs that obtain that information tend to appear, Facebook asks users to please report them, to prevent others from falling into the trap.

This is because, according to the social network, they do not provide that type of information, therefore it should not be within the reach of anyone , much less someone outside the company.

The privacy of the Facebook social network has become a complete obsession for its users.

Although this social network gives you the option to choose if we want our publications to be public, we end up preferring the option where only we can see.

Facebook It has come a long way in terms of the privacy of its users, and currently you have many other options. Many times we ask ourselves, How do other people view my Facebook?

By For this reason, in this article we want to show you how others see you, and what to do to change the privacy settings .

What are the Ways to see my Facebook like Other Users Do it

Step 1: Go online to make all the changes you need

First, you must make sure you have access to the Internet and, of course you have a Facebook account . Now, to see how your Facebook account looks you must enter it.

Although there is a way to enter Facebook and navigate in it without having an account added, in this case if you want to check how it is see your profile, you need to have an account and log into it.

Then log in with your username and password and click on log in. Go to your user profile, there you will find a circle with three dots on the cover photo, click on them.

This will bring up a menu with the option “see as”. Click there and in this way you will be able to check which of your publications are “published”, which is what others can see before sending you a request and how your profile photo, cover and main data look.

formas ver como perfiles

Step 2: Review your Profile and change the things that you would not like others to see

Once you have clicked on your biography you will be able to view How do other users see it?. You can view and review your images, photos, videos, publications, among other things without any problems.

Everything you want to put in private, that people do not see, you can do it from there without no problem. In the part of the screen a generic vision will appear, if you have found someone in particular, it will be necessary to change your configuration of your Facebook account .

Step 3: Press Enter

To find out how a specific person sees you, go to the top of the screen and type the username. Then, access by pressing “enter”

The publications that are reflected are just as the person sees them. In addition, you can look at your tagged photos or not and thus be able to change them. If you do not feel sure about the steps you just took in your Facebook account , you can edit your privacy again.

Now, you must go to the ” settings “that is displayed in the menu next to your name.

Step 4: Edit your Privacy

In the settings, you can edit all kinds of option regarding privacy; managing the different alternatives of Facebook. So that these are public or private, or that only you can be the one who can see them.

If it is to your liking, you can hide several people so they do not notice that you are connected in Facebook . If this article has been of great help to you and you want to find out more about the subject how other people look at my Facebook, enter our internet category

Social networks are an important part of the lives of many people. Sharing thousands of moments with our friends, family and, on many occasions, strangers. We are always curious (sooner or later) to know who visits my profile on Facebook .

On Instagram if we change the account from personal to company we can have a slight idea of ​​how many people visit our profile, although we do not know exactly who these people are. On Facebook this option is not available.

redes sociales populares

What is the application to know who sees my profile on Facebook

There are many advertisements, applications and websites that claim that they know how to see who visits your profile on Facebook and the truth is that it is totally a lie. There is no application that allows you to see which people have visit your profile on the social network .

Previously there were applications that many people used all the time and in theory people told you that They had visited your profile . When you gave those apps permissions, they actually showed you who you had chatted with the most lately and listed those people as the ones who visit your profile.

In a nutshell, it is a “scam” and nothing more than that because the social network does not allow people who visit the profiles to be seen. The only thing that can be confirmed that they have seen are the Facebook stories and messages, when the “Seen at X hour” appears.

And although there are many tricks and tools of Facebook that allows us to customize it, as when we change it to dark mode so as not to tire our eyes.

Or what about your great way of helping us change the contact name in our Messenger, that kind of thing makes us like using this social network even more.

habilitar modos oscuro

How to know who visited my Facebook profile

Therefore, you can’t tell who looks at my Facebook. You must be careful since we are in an age where viruses are quite common in both Windows and Android. Many apps promise results and when you install them you end up with advertisements all over the phone and sometimes information theft.

There is no way to see who visits my Facebook . Therefore, we recommend that you do not continue insisting on this matter since you will end up compromising your personal information or losing it in extreme cases.

Remember that on the blog we have a wide variety of tutorials on Facebook on where you will learn a lot about this social network. At Miracomohacerlo we always want to help you with the truth without selling false promises as applications to know who sees my profile on Facebook.

Don’t be fooled , enjoy social networks with its limitations and above all: configure Facebook privacy appropriately. Many people have had serious problems due to poor privacy settings of their accounts.

Have you been able to configure your Facebook account and check how they see it others in a simple way?

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