How to manage a Facebook page in 10 tips

How to manage a Facebook page in 10 tips

If you’re new to social media, or just looking for ways to grow your page, you’re probably desperate for information like managing a Facebook page. We have already explained to you how to create a Facebook page, and after this step, for a good management of social pages the main thing is to start post interesting content and collect likes to promote your company or your interests.

However, especially in recent years, Facebook management in particular has started to be an inflated and difficult field to succeed. On the one hand, the contents posted on the platform have increased in number and consequently the reach, i.e. the amount of users reached, has decreased. On the other hand, the quality has risen: ergo posting common content is no longer enough for your current and future audience. That’s why it’s good to strategize and work hard.

Unica Web Studio helps you: below we have collected the 10 best tips for managing a successful business Facebook page, or personal profile.

The best strategies for your Facebook page? Here are 10!

First you may need to use the “ Facebook Page Manager “. It is one of the many tools made available by the platform to help in the planning of posts and in monitoring the results of their pages. Thanks to this you will be able to manage Facebook pages for work keeping under control several realities at the same time.

If instead you have to manage only your personal Fb profile , you may just need the tips and advice that we at Unica Web Studio are about to give you! Let’s get started!

Come gestire la pagina Facebook
Tips for managing a Facebook profile

Choose a specific topic for your page

The first tip for a successful Facebook page can only be to have clear ideas about the purpose of the page and the topics covered: users follow the pages based on content and want to receive more similar content. For example, if your page is about food, suddenly posting content about cars will confuse your users, and you risk losing them.

Complete your page information

Name of the page, url, textual and general information must never be missing, both for a question of usefulness and to give a sense of professionalism. In the management of a Facebook page , such as those of Instagram , it is not pleasant to see a page with the info section empty or narrow, if your user seeks insights must find them. This is all the more important if your page promotes a physical place (hours, address, telephone number must be there) or a commercial reality (website and reference e-mail are essential). Don’t forget to complete all these fields, especially if you are managing a company Facebook profile !

Original graphics and in line with the topic of the page

graphics is an important ally on Facebook: simply inserting a profile and cover image can work wonders, making your new page recognizable among a thousand. We recommend that you take the next step, and that is to customize the graphics based on the content: carefully choose the photos among those that best represent your reality and always ask yourself: “Can I tell at first sight what the page is about?” If the answer is yes, you are on the right track.

Button with call to action in the profile

In recent years Facebook has also added the possibility to insert useful buttons that users can use for various purposes, including sending a message to the page itself or accessing the website for example. Choose the CTA that can be most useful to you and your typical audience and make it available, especially for a company Facebook management that always wants to reach new customers ..

Valuable content

The contents are the soul of your Facebook page, and for this reason it is worth studying and creating them with knowledge of the facts. Valuable content will make your users happy, who may decide to share it on their profiles, helping you to grow.

CTA and call to action in posts

Make sure you insert a call to action in your posts to make them more efficient: concluding the texts with a question, with a call to action makes it more likely that users interact with the your page, and therefore that of a relationship experienced in a more personal way.

Talk to your users

When a user comments on a content on your page, make sure to always reply and to do so within the next 24 hours if possible and courteously, whatever the tone and topic of what he wrote: establishing a kind and personal dialogue will help your page to build a loyal audience who will invite their friends in turn.

Post nice, fresh images

It is proven: posts with images work better than those without. And if the image strikes and catches the eye, even better. Select your images carefully and prefer the original, colorful, lively ones: your users will love them too!

Invite your friends

One of the best ways to receive organic interactions especially at the beginning of the Facebook page management journey is undoubtedly to invite your friends: they are the hard core , supporters who will help you grow your page and who can point out any errors or improvements to be implemented.

Increase your numbers with the Unica algorithm!

Now that you’ve read our tips, you can start creating your successful Facebook page; however, at first it can be difficult to get the like machine in motion, so why not give a little push to get started on the right foot right away? Buy some of the services dedicated to Unica’s Facebook pages and start your climb to the social summit today!

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