How to promote my business for free on the internet

How to promote my business for free on the internet

promocionar mi negocio internet

The presence of brands, companies and businesses on the internet has already gone from being an option “potentially Useful to a real need. The saying goes that he who does not evolve dies, and it couldn’t be more true in this case. In this article I share powerful tips on how to promote my business for free through the Internet.

Your business can not only obtain an unimaginable number of clients Being on the internet, you can also keep current clients who now prefer to manage their relationship with companies in a completely digital way.

Practical tactics to promote my business online

If you have realized the urgency of promoting your business on the internet, but you still have your reservations and you would not like to shell out large amounts of money, there are different ways to promote yourself totally free.

It’s time to sit in front of your computer and start giving life to your business on the screens of thousands of people.

register your business in Google MyBusiness

As Google is the world’s leading search platform, it is practically an obligation that you business has some kind of presence in it. If you want to promote your business for free in Google for free create your account in Google MyBusiness.

google my business
Google My Business

This method of Google is to register your business and allow it to appear on the official list along with other geographically close businesses. Enter your address, hours and contact information and your customers can upload updated photos and leave satisfaction reviews.

correct social media presence

It seems that this is a logical point, but there are still hundreds of companies that do not understand the importance to have a presence in social networks.

After Google, they are the perfect tool to connect in a more intimate and casual way with your audiences and potential clients.

But not because there are different social networks it means that you must necessarily have an account in all of them.

redes sociales para promocionar mi negocio

Analyze your target market well and place it in one or more of the Most used platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest …

Where you think most of your audience resides is where you should spend your time creating content.

in blogs

Since Google is governed by the idea of ​​bringing its users closer to the most relevant content, that which solves all their doubts, concerns and wishes; It is important that you show Google that you are not a walking ball of spam.

That is, try to make the content of your website relevant, and try to generate equally relevant content OUTSIDE of your own page .

Promocionar tu negocio con un blog

How to achieve this? Actively participate in blogs and discussion forums.

To strengthen the idea of ​​coherence, look for blogs and sites with a topic relevant to your business or company, and seek to answer user questions or perhaps post recommendations from your professional point of view.

Make sure these interactions include a direct link to your website, the name of your business or come directly from an account on your page.

better yet, create your own blog

If you’re feeling creative enough, an even better idea than blogging is to create the of yours. The content of interest is one of the most powerful sources of information and therefore of searches around the world. After all, everyone is talking about different topics and everyone is looking for knowledge.

What better idea to promote your business for free than setting up your own blog and uploading content that answers the most common questions of your target market. The best thing about having your own blog is that you are the master and creator of the content, controlling the theme, the length and most importantly, the keywords.

Blog posts are like mines of gold when it comes to SEO , so take advantage of your publications to reload them with information that attracts more traffic to your website.

You can always combine this technique with interactions on other sites to invite the people to visit your own blog.

your SEO

We can’t stress enough at this point. SEO is the spark that brings your website to life. A site without SEO can be the most beautiful and the most useless at the same time.

Doing a thorough search for the keywords to include on your site and preparing it for search engines is essential.

promocionar tu negocio gratis con SEO
SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

How does your SEO work? Include meta titles, meta descriptions, create very specific URLs and don’t forget to create tags, all this with the keyword to position.

The more careful you are with the SEO of your site, the better positions they will reach on the pages search for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. SEO can be a powerful tool on how to promote my business for free online.

content and share it

Beyond a blog, there are many types of official content that you can send to others to help you to promote your business.

Press releases, for example, are a very general summary of a news or launch that your company has made.

promociona tu negocio en internet

Create your own content and dress up so that it does not look like cold and harsh advertising, and share it with different digital media.

There will be no shortage of those who are willing help you or create a sharing collaboration to get your article published without spending money promoting it yourself.

There you have it! 6 infallible and extremely simple ways to help your business have greater authority in the world of the internet.

Remember to be constant and optimize your content on a regular basis to keep climbing positions and never stop being relevant to the eyes of your users. Now it is your turn to apply these tips on how to promote my business for free on the Internet.

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