How to promote your business on Social Networks

How to promote your business on Social Networks

promover negocio en redes sociales

Having a small business can be a lot of work, besides controlling all the administrative aspects is your task attract potential customers and make them fall in love with your brand.

Fortunately the size of your company can be advantageous when working on a strategy, and your allies will be social networks. Learn how to get the most out of different platforms and follow these tips to promote your business like a professional.

Formalize your Internet presence with a website

It seems like the most obvious of the tips, however, many small businesses believe that having Social media replaces having a website. It is proven that a company with a website is considered much more trustworthy by a user; so the logical and responsible thing is to have a website, even if it is only informative.

Gestión de Redes Sociales
Social Network Management

Having a platform that talks about your company, your services and even where your products are sold will make it much easier for you to create campaigns that direct traffic to it and not settle for ads without much call to action.

Choose the indicated networks

Not because there are several social networks does it mean that you have to be in all of them. This is a very common mistake made by beginners, having a presence in ALL channels without really understanding what each one is about, why they exist and especially how to take advantage of them.

Promoción en Redes Sociales
Promotion in Social Networks

Now, if you don’t have much idea of ​​which networks exist -in addition to the most popular ones- here is a brief account:

  • Facebook: The network with the most users and therefore the best option to reach as many people as might be interested in your company.
  • Twitter: A social network that requires only fresh and recent content; So if your brand allows it, you can generate dialogue here in a few characters.
  • Instagram: A network that has not stopped growing since it was acquired by Facebook, Instagram is 100% visual and allows you a more informal and personal communication with your audience.
  • Pinterest: With its mission to connect people with useful ideas for their lives, this social network is also visual and highly inspirational.
  • YouTube: The leader in video content, YouTube is where you need to be if your strategy allows you to create video campaigns while helping you climb positions in Google searches.
  • LinkedIn: Although it is a work-related social network, there are many ways to get the most out of this platform.

Create RELEVANT content

Although the ultimate purpose of having accounts on different social networks is precisely to promote your business, due to obsolete marketing strategies, audiences DO NOT need to see how you promote your products incessantly.

Contenido Relevante
Relevant Content

One of the almost basic rules of social networks is that, as a company, you find content that is considered valuable to your audiences: talk about topics that you think people want to know more about, answer questions from your followers, create polls.

The more you talk about interesting and current topics, the more likely people will want to approach your profiles without fear of being bombarded with advertising.

Look for quality instead of quantity

As well as You must be more select with the content you create and share on your social networks, it is also important that you seek to surround yourself with select audiences and very similar to your business. What does this mean? It means that you do not focus on getting thousands of followers and likes in a few weeks if you are not sure that the profiles you attract are truly people who appreciate your content and become potential customers.

Remember that the Digital marketing is a funnel, where a large amount of traffic enters and in the end those who result in conversions are only a few. Wouldn’t it be great to have a filter where a higher percentage of those who enter your funnel end up consuming your products or services?

Seeks to generate interaction through all your networks

The ultimate goal of your strategy should be to obtain They are loyal to your brand, and a good way to achieve this is to be present in the largest number of available channels.

A good way to achieve this is to invite your followers to join you on other social networks, in this way if they lose your content in one they will be able to see it in another; and you can always post different things in each one so they feel the need not to miss out on anything.

Grupo de Personas
Group of People – Social Networks

You already know; It is a matter of good research about the social network that your target market uses the most, speak clearly about topics they WANT to read and look for all kinds of interactions and effective communication.

This formula will take you to give a discreet but effective promotion to your business.

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