How to protect or prevent my Facebook account from being hacked, stolen or entered

How to protect or prevent my Facebook account from being hacked, stolen or entered

Facebook is one of the main social networks in the world , if not the most important. That is why it is essential that we be careful about all our content within it. Thus preventing someone from accessing them. Making it essential to protect and prevent the Facebook account from being hacked.

It is for this reason that we want to teach you a series of tricks that we believe are essential . They are considered this way when it comes to trying to avoid by all means that they hack our Facebook account. At least with the modalities that are being used this year.

Although it is true that not all users manage to prevent them from hacking their Facebook account . That is why we can tell you that there are tricks to to be able to recover your hacked Facebook account . You can do this without a password or with the use of your phone number.

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Facebook for many people is the social network with greater boom and popularity worldwide . Among children, youth, adults and older adults it has always been a topic of conversation. Just sit at a computer or have a mobile device with access to this social network and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities.

Not only to contact your friends, but also to create groups and other facets that are based on the social area. It brings many benefits, but the dangers of using a social network are also diverse. One of those dangers that you should be aware of is preventing someone from accessing your Facebook account.

Just as there are methods to know who is checking your Facebook profile, we will explain everything to you. You should know to be able to deal with and prevent your Facebook account from being hacked.

What to do so that my Facebook account is not hacked or stolen?

The first, and although it is almost obvious, has to do with the password that we have chosen for our account of this social network, considering that the more complex it is, the lower the chances that someone can decrypt it and access our account.

In fact, there are some programs that in just seconds are capable of detecting weak passwords . As are those that are made up of our name, birthday date, and other rather simple data.

For this reason, if you want your Facebook password to be secure You should pay attention to issues such as the use of uppercase and lowercase letters , symbols, numbers; And as we said before, avoid using the birth dates of children, parents, siblings, pets, among others.

How to protect or prevent your Facebook account from being hacked?

On the other hand, although no less important than what we have pointed out above is the fact that we should have at least two email accounts linked. If possible, and better yet, one created specifically for this purpose.

Even another similar option has to do with linking the number of your smartphone with the Facebook account, so that no one can access it without having your phone available.

In addition, you have to make sure that you have the maximum security of the system active, for which there is a security test specially developed for the browser that detects when you have logged in from a suspicious site. If you are indeed an intruder, we can block your access.

This is easy to do, since all you have to do is access your account Settings, and once you have established it, it will work permanently, so that when you see connected devices that you do not recognize, you should simply delete them.

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How to prevent access to my Facebook account without permission?

By using your Facebook account you can use the settings that this social network offers to provide you with security. In the upper left part of your profile once you have logged into your account you will see a configuration icon. Select it. When selected, the parameter ” activate login alerts ” will appear and you must check it to be set.

What is to activate login alerts on Facebook ?

Allow only you to be able to access your Facebook account by supplying your password. When someone else accesses from another computer or device, you will receive a notification to your affiliated cell phone number or to your email. The cell phone number must be provided in your Facebook account data that is operational.

Like the data of your email, it is important that you have it updated . With these simple security parameters you can prevent third parties from accessing your account and using it in an inappropriate way. And do not be surprised that comments that have been made to us and photos that you have not published appear on your wall.

Or even comments on photos of your friends or changes in your account and you were not responsible . This can lead to annoying problems between your friends and you, when discovering that your privacy has been violated.

What to do so that they do not access my Facebook account?

First of all, do not share your password to access your Facebook account with anyone, and must be difficult enough to decipher. In case you decide otherwise, that is, you want to share it with someone else, your password must know is subject to what that person places in your account, comments, photos and others .

So if something appears in your account that you have not done, you will have already discovered who enters your Facebook because you have authorized it and it is risky. But in case you do not share your password with anyone, you must take additional measures so that this does not happen.

Additional security measures

Another of the security measures that the social network Facebook has is that it has a record of the computers with which you access with your account and is affiliated with your email.

With this security configuration you will receive notifications every time your Facebook account is accessed, you can place or monitor if they are computers that belong to you.

Or you will be able to see if it is someone else trying to access , in that case it places the devices that you use frequently as preferred. Discard the ones you don’t use often or never use. In this way, a list of devices and equipment that are used by you will be left.

When you activate this option in your account Facebook and you log in from a computer you are using for the first time maybe a bit of a hassle . But if it causes problems, you should only ask for help from Facebook support.

Because it takes a bit of time to access it, since you need to verify the mechanism of security.

This will be by means of a security code that they send to your cell phone or email, enter it correctly and you will be able to enter without problems. Although you do not log in automatically, it is better to do this, so that your account can be hacked or used in an inappropriate way by someone else. security you can have true privacy in your account and the peace of mind of knowing that no one will access it.

As a final precaution, periodically change your passwords for both email and your Facebook account .

The truth is that, unfortunately, we get tired of hearing cases in which hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities or flaws in this social network, to steal people’s Facebook accounts and thus keep absolutely all their important information.

You have to think, then, that this type of information is essential, since you can learn to keep your Facebook account completely secure. So you can keep it safe from the gaze of others, and avoiding any type of complications. Preventing your Facebook account from being hacked is as easy as

One of the most common ways in which many people have been deceived, has to do directly with so-called Fake of Facebook , that is, attempts by developers to offer us a platform similar to the social network, which, however, is not official, and therefore not secure.

Usually, in this type of case, we find neither more nor less than an imitation used to steal and store the data of reckless users, so if you want to be safe, read on .

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How to prevent access to my Facebook account?

Continuing with all the details related to hacks on Facebook, we have to point out below that sometimes, the hack occurs in a completely different way , through email accounts, taking into account that these are cases of Phishing.

Indeed, we have to point out in such an aspect that it is a series of sites that hackers use to steal data from email accounts or personal information, and sometimes Facebook data is part of them.

It is also recommended to have added and verified our profile with a phone number. Better that it be the smartphone that we always carry with us, since in this way, we will be able to be notified. This by text message, of any damage or hacking attempt on our account.

With these simple tips and advice you can keep your Facebook account much more secure than usual. So do not hesitate for a moment to take them into account from now on, and thus be able to prevent them from hacking your Facebook account.

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