How to read a Facebook message and not appear as seen or as read

How to read a Facebook message and not appear as seen or as read

Many say: “ Facebook is gossip, because my friends find out whether or not I read a message (even in chat!) and until when I read”. Yes, it is uncomfortable, they are right. Some may be offended if we have not read their messages, if we have not read them as fast as they want; or what is worse, if we saw it and did not respond. The first thing you should do is create a new Facebook account from your cell phone or PC

If you do not want your friends to know when you have seen their messages, we will give you several options to remove the ” viewed message ”from Facebook . Pay close attention.

How to Deactivate Seen in Facebook Messages

Steps to follow to remove the “Seen” in Facebook

To remove the “seen message” from Facebook we will give you the options to do it from a computer and from a smartphone, either iPhone or Android.

Remove the “Seen” in Facebook from a computer

  1. If you want to disable the option of whether or not we read a private message on Facebook from your PC, you will need an extension for browsers, called Chat Undetected ( By Crossrider), download and install it. It is an executable .exe, some have installed it and have mentioned that there are no problems with it.
  2. After the installation, Chat Undetected will adapt to the browser you use. Once this is done, you will have disabled the message read option on Facebook, so they will not know if you have read their messages or not.

Also try this other option:

  1. If you use the Google Chrome browser, open a new tab and in the upper left side of the screen you will see an icon that has several colored squares . This will allow you to open apps or applications.
  2. Enter the Google Chrome Web Store, there write the word Unseen .
  3. Download the extension Facebook Unseen in your browser.
  4. In your Chrome browser, the blue Facebook Unseen button appears on its upper right side, which contains the turn on option, click it there.
  5. Now check the interface and lock options that you consider useful.

Done! Your friends will not be notified when you have read their messages.

dejar visto mensajes facebook

We want you to notice that other extensions will appear in the Web Store that allow you to remove the “message seen” and n Facebook, in addition to the 2 that we explain to you; such as: Unseen – Chat Privacy and Unseen (Safe Reed).

If your preferred browser is Firefox, instead of Google Chrome, try installing the ‘Message Seen Disable’ extension , which does exactly the same as “Unseen”. Follow the steps that we tell you below:

  1. Open a new tab in Firefox, in the upper right side of the screen, click on the three lines that you will see there and select ‘ Add-ons’.
  2. Find the extension ‘ Message Seen Disable’ and install it.

Remove the “Seen” on Facebook from an iPhone or an Android

If you want to disable the message read from Facebook option from your Android smartphone or an iPhone, we suggest that you activate the airplane mode in both cases. This will allow you to read the messages without being seen (safety first!).

And that’s it. This is how easy you can configure on your own the option to be seen or not to be seen when you read Facebook messages; which will save you moments of embarrassment, because your friends, by not being able to be notified if you had read their messages or not, will no longer tell you things like: “You did not read my message”, “You read my message too late ”or“ You read my message and did not reply to me ”.

Following these simple tips that we gave you, now you can read any message sent to your Facebook without being seen! This way you can preserve your privacy as to whether or not you have read certain messages. As we have said before, do your research and go for it!

Everyone knows that Facebook is one of the most important social networks in recent years. It has millions of users and this number continues to rise day after day. In this way, and with the intention of connecting even more to its users. The developers decided to incorporate “ Facebook Messenger “.

This extra allows its users to chat or “Chat” within the Facebook platform. This chat includes a feature that is very pleasant to some, but not so much to others. This is the “Seen” feature or the notification of when the other person has read the message.

If you want no one to receive this notification from you, and therefore Let no one know when you have read their messages, this guide is for you. You just have to follow the instructions outlined below and quickly you will go unnoticed in all your chats .

Hide the view within Facebook Chats

Lo The first thing we have to do is enter the “ extensions store ” of our favorite browser (or the browser through which we enter Facebook). If in your case it is Google Chrome and you don’t know how to access this store, go to the upper-right corner of the screen.

While there, click on the three aligned dots. Thus displaying a list with options before which we will have to look only at one of them. In this way, we will go with our mouse to the section of “ More options ” and in turn, to the one that says: “ Extensions “.

Now , we will be redirected to a window with all the extensions that are currently installed in our Google Chrome. We will have to look at the left part of the screen where a symbol of three stripes appears, one above the other . After clicking there, an information panel will open.

At this point, we can detail that at the bottom of said panel there is a section that says: “ Open Chrome Web Store “. Logically we will click on this option to open our extensions store. In this way, to be able to search for the extension that will help us with our objective.

Inside the store, we will have to access the extensions search engine and place: “ Seenblock ” and perform our search. Thus generating a list with different variants of extensions and we will simply have to add the first option of all.

This being the case, you will only have to press with your mouse where it says: “Free” the store will automatically download and apply this extension. When the download is finished, a pop-up message will appear asking you for confirmation to add this extension, you will have to accept it to continue.

After this, you will see a notification confirming that the extension was installed correctly and a representative symbol in your browser. You will only have to click on this blue icon to start modifying the function of this extension.

In case you want the “ Seen ”in your Facebook chats, activate the option that says:“ Block Seen “. In addition, this extension allows you to deactivate in the same way that another user sees that you are typing. And voila ! Now no other user will be able to know that you have seen their message on Facebook.

leer mensajes facebook escondido

See Messenger messages without being seen

The issue is that when they send us a message , when we go to see it, the “ Read ” appears to the other person, which undoubtedly complicates the fact quite a bit wanting to see a message and maybe reply a bit later because we’re busy or, for whatever reason, just not reply to that person and not let her know that we haven’t.

The trick To read the message without the other person knowing that we have seen it, it is easy to do, but it is not that it is too comfortable to say. What you are going to have to do is, with your mobile phone activate Airplane Mode , where we are left without any kind of connection and after that you can review the message.

Once reviewed, what you will do is close the app, even if you can force it to close and then deactivate Airplane Mode to get back to Wifi or mobile data, as well as there is also a way easy to find or retrieve conversations or specific messages

View Facebook message without it being read

leer chats messenger facebook

So in this simple way you can see a Facebook message without appearing the famous read or seen that on many occasions complicates our lives quite a bit, because you may not want to or do not feel like responding to anyone, unless it is some kind of emergency, but of course, If you can’t read the message clearly, it’s not like you’ll ever find out what it is about.

In case you know of any other method to be able to read Messenger messages without being seen, I would love for you to share it with us in the comments below, so that in this way we can all come up with a more agile way to be able to read Facebook messages without marking the read . You can also know who visits your Facebook profile or visits it a lot.

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