How to use, have and enter the Facebook Messenger chat without downloading or installing

How to use, have and enter the Facebook Messenger chat without downloading or installing

The use of social networks has grown exponentially as the use of smartphones grew and today most of the users of social networks connect to them from your mobile phone and not from a computer

These have already become an essential part of our day to day and it is common for us to spend at least one hour a day reviewing what our friends have published on social media such as Facebook or Twitter among others.

How to Use, Have and Enter Fa Chat cebook Messenger without Downloading or Installing

Facebook in a very short time became one of the largest social networks known in the world, thousands of people use it to share their images and talk with their friends.

With thousands of users and increasing, this social network allows you to know a little more about people and about what they do every day.

Nowadays to know everything about someone just have to see their Facebook profile and you will know that they like, where they have been, where she has studied and even speak directly with her.

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Facebook is used by many of us not only to see what all our friends post. But also to find out about different news, follow artists, websites, youtubers, celebrities in general, TV shows, etc.

But without a doubt there is nothing better than being in contact with the people we love, thanks to this you can be closer to your contacts and you can use the Facebook chat without being registered without any problem .

However, this social network has changed since its inception , since now it even offers us different options depending on whether we are browsing from the computer or from our smartphone. An example of this is Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook chat function has been responsible for thousands of people continuing to communicate anywhere in the world with just owning the internet and being registered, something that has changed a bit over the years.

After some updates, it is possible that two people can use this chat without having a profile from Facebook, for those people who never learned to use it.

In the event that you do not want to have a Facebook account but need to use the chat to communicate with someone, here We will present you the solution to the problem of how to use Facebook chat without being registered.

In a few words, this social network allows us to find out about many things. Even buying and selling through groups . But the strength of is the communication between its members.

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In most countries of the world this process should be effective, this initiative has For a while in circulation and there are very few places where this does not work, in the event that in your country it does not work you will have to create a Facebook account.

To communicate we need to have Messenger ¿¿ Is it possible to have Facebook without installing Messenger? Continue reading this article so that you learn everything you need to know to be able to use the Facebook Messenger option without downloading or installing.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Some time ago it was possible to only have Facebook installed and use all the functions from the same application. For a couple of years this has been impossible and to be able to send or read messages, you need to install another application called Facebook Messenger.

For now they are the only alternatives that exist.

This is the Facebook mobile application so that we can use your chat if we are using the mobile application.

As you may have already noticed, even if you have the Facebook application installed on your phone, you cannot use their chat service . If you want to do it, you have to download the Facebook Messenger application.

There are two versions of Facebook Messenger , the normal version and the light version (Lite) that being less heavy, it can be convenient for people who do not They have a lot of storage space available on their mobiles.

With this application the messages will arrive as a notification directly to your phone, in the case of downloading the full version of Messenger a bubble will appear which acts as a quick access where you can reply without opening the application.

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What steps do I have to follow to chat on Facebook?

In case you don’t want to have Messenger installed the option you have left is to use Facebook Lite. Although there is a Messenger Lite which consumes less resources than the common Messenger. In the Facebook Lite version you can reply to messages without having the application installed for this.

We can enter the application in two different ways, if we have a Facebook account simply we will have to put our email and password that we use to enter our profile normally.

If your problem is that Messenger consumes too much storage space, battery and mobile data. Actually, the Facebook app consumes much more.

If you have a low or mid-range mobile device and want to save storage, battery and mobile data. It is best to install Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite . Believe me, the difference is noticeable.

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How to use Facebook chat without downloading or installing apps?

Another alternative you have is enter Facebook from the same browser. If you log in this way on Facebook you can use the chat in the same way as when you connect with the PC, without it being necessary to download anything.

This way you don’t even need to have the main application installed on your mobile device. You will be able to read the messages and reply to them without having Messenger installed.

If you are one of those people who n or want to be opening your Facebook anywhere for fear that their accounts suffer some kind of hacking or something similar.

Or you cannot download Facebook Messenger on your mobile , which You can do is connect to Facebook from your mobile not from the application, but from the browser. As if you were using the computer.facebook pagina inicio

What is the procedure to use the facebook chat if we are not registered?

In the event that we do not have an account In the social network, we will have to enter our phone number and our name so that people know who we are.

As we do not have a Facebook profile we do not have a list of friends to write to, this is not a problem , the application links to our phone contacts, this means that anyone who be in our contacts and have the application you can talk to us.

You cannot necessarily use this application without having Facebook, many people who are already registered use it regularly to spend less data or because it seems more comfortable.

Can I download Facebook Messenger?

The trick that we have told you It can be useful if you rarely use Facebook chat when you are connected from your mobile, since in this case it is not worth spending memory to install Facebook Messerger.

However, if you are a user addicted to Facebook and you like to use their chat to be in contact with your friends, the best thing is that you download Facebook Messenger . This way you will be able to talk to all your contacts more quickly and easily.

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Take in Note that in addition to a simpler conversation system, Facebook Messenger has other advantages such as immediate video messages, a wide range of stickers and the possibility of creating conversation groups with several friends.

Now if you want to use the social network and you are not talking to anyone, then you do not need to install Messenger since e This application is only used to communicate with your friends . The “Facebook” application by itself is used to do the rest of the tasks of the social network.

The new version of this mobile application is the number, available completely free for iOS and Android. This latest version has not come with great news, but it does solve some of the previously detected bugs.

The latest version of This application has a weight of 27.7 MB and is available for download on mobiles with Android 5.0 or higher operating system.

An option for people who use Messenger from your computers through your Facebook account is the possibility to personalize your contacts with nicknames, colors and even emojis.

Maybe with this latest version not much news has arrived, but a surprise has arrived. It is a fun, simple and addictive basketball game that we can activate by sending a message containing the basketball emoji to any of our friends.

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