Quick guide to creating an effective 2020 digital marketing strategy

Quick guide to creating an effective 2020 digital marketing strategy

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A new year is coming and with it a new opportunity to meet our business goals through a solid effective digital marketing strategy.

It is normal that in addition to this you have many other prospects at the beginning of the year for the different areas of the company, But in these times a brand without a marketing strategy is like having a ship without a rudder.

Discover the simple steps to establish your strategy and that your brand has the best year of its existence.

personal analysis of your company

The first step before you start to fantasize about your advertising plans for the next year, is to do a thorough and honest self-assessment of your brand and its performance in this culminating year.

analisis de negocio
Business Analysis

It is important to put the cards on the table and clearly evaluate the 4 points of the well-known SWOT (Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats) . Be aware of what went well this year and therefore must be potentiated, of what still needs to be improved and requires a new strategy; but above all it corroborates your position compared to the competition. In this way you will know where to direct your efforts.

Which ones
Are your goals for the following year?

Since you have a very clear idea of ​​the current situation and climate of your brand , you can proceed to establish a goal or objective for your digital marketing strategy for this 2020.

Sure, most (if not all) of the world’s companies have the goal of increasing their sales, growing their customer base, and outperforming the competition; But a goal can be set in a very specific way to increase the VALUE of your brand beyond the numbers.

One of the objectives that people ignore but is a good starting point is to improve your online reputation and generate more trust among Internet users.

where will your brand have a presence this 2020

Whether this is the first time you have worked on a digital marketing strategy for your company or you have been doing it for a while, year after year you must ask yourself on which platforms you will have a presence. Not because you’ve been on Twitter your whole life means that this year should be the same.

Plan de Marketing
Marketing Plan

Do not be afraid to delete one of your accounts if, after an exhaustive analysis, you discover that it is not your ideal social network based on your audience or it is even a platform that is in decline and you prefer to focus your energies on others with more potential.

Remember that there are no correct answers when it comes to digital marketing because all decisions must be made with the specific needs of your brand in mind.

and update the SEO on your website

SEO de página web
SEO Website

Although a digital marketing strategy seems to only involve advertising campaigns on social networks, it is very important that you do not take a step before checking how your website is doing.

It is useless to create attractive publications, a well-nurtured publication calendar and advertising campaigns with a juicy budget, if when arriving at your website this fluidity is broken that will fulfill the purpose of hooking potential clients.

Make a thorough check of your website in an aesthetic, graphic, navigability (user experience) and especially SEO. Leave your site in optimal conditions to apply the strategies you want.

content plans for each platform

We strongly recommend that you give personalized attention to each of the platforms in which your presence is brand. As we mentioned before, if your presence in a social network is not captivating or beneficial, you better withdraw from it to simply repeat content from another account.

creacion de contenido web
Web content creation

With this in mind, create your content plan and publication calendar with good frequency and a specific focus that for each publication defines a goal, a tone and a strategy to enforce the goal. Be consistent with your posts and always keep the same tone so that the audience feels that the same person is always speaking to them.

role do you want to play now in society?

Determine what role you want your brand to play on a social level. As you know, in these times companies not only take a one-way role in communicating with their followers. It is expected that a dialogue will be formed where the brand is both an inspiration or reference of authority, as well as a confidant that provides added value to those with whom it has “contact”.


Whether you want to be a leader, a protector for your users, an advisor or an entity with whom they can dialogue casually; Establish it in advance and keep this channel in mind.

It never hurts to remember that the final but indisputably important step of your digital marketing strategy is optimization.

Measure from religiously the results and the performance of the strategies applied by your team, so that you know how to corroborate if the goals are being met and if it is necessary to make changes on the fly to raise the performance of your online brand.

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