The best tools to manage your social networks

The best tools to manage your social networks

herramientas de redes sociales

A solid marketing strategy should be accompanied by a constant stream of posts that contain useful information and calls to action. But what is constant?

Whether you decide to post a couple of times a week or choose to have coverage on your networks every day of the week, we know that it is difficult to keep up when there are many other tasks to be done.

It is precisely because of this dilemma that hundreds of social media management tools have been invented, that seek to save you time that in the long run translates into money. If you want to know the best tools that manage networks and show you results, be sure to read this post.

should make a good network management tool for me?

Before we start listing the most useful options for social media management, you need to know exactly what you should make a management tool to be considered truly good and helpful.

The management tools offer the possibility of connecting directly with your accounts in different social networks (or in some cases a specific one) to be able to share your publications through it.

promocion en redes sociales
People active in their social networks

You can create and program your content directly in the tool and it will be in charge of manually or automatically launching your content -in some cases at the times that the tool considers optimal for your audience-.

The management tools of social networks not only should they have the option to publish, they should also be able to give you a kind of feedback about your account and its performance, either with figures, graphs or statistics.

Taking this into account, we choose 5
main tools that can get you out of trouble when it comes to managing
your social networks:


hootsuite logo

This tool cannot be left out of any list management, as it was one of the first and is currently one of the most complete to manage and monitor your profiles. Hootsuite is so popular because it has an interface that is too simple for the browser, it offers a very pleasant and uncomplicated experience.

Link all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , LinkedIn, Google+ and even your own blog and use the tool to publish, schedule content, shorten links, monitor interactions and even follow all those publications that talk about your brand.


If there is something that any Marketing specialist will makes work easier, are predictions. AgoraPulse performs all the tasks of a social media management tool and also offers you predictions and suggestions to publish on the best day and at the best time.

It publishes and schedules content, but above all it thoroughly investigates the performance of your different accounts thanks to its viral reach measurements, diffusion and detailed reports. AgoraPulse also allows you to filter interactions and create dynamic Facebook posts such as contests and surveys.


The main mission of Metricool is that, as its name implies, you have all the metrics related to your brand in sight. With a main dashboard that automatically gives us growth reports, follower balances, clicks and even a detailed breakdown of the audience that interacts with your channels;

estadisticas de redes sociales metricool

Metricool goes beyond publishing. Link accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, your personal blog, Facebook Ads, and even Google My Business and use this tool to post live or schedule content. Download detailed and customized reports ready to deliver to clients or supervisors.


Although this tool works exclusively for one platform, it is impressive how useful it is. Tweetdeck is part of Twitter, and is a tool that allows you to create content and monitor interactions with your account such as mentions, comments, private messages and even accounts that are talking about certain #s.

tweetdeck pantalla

Share content directly from there and allow different users to access each one with their own account to manage a single brand.


Buffer para manejar redes sociales

buffer to handle social networks

This social media management tool is your lifeline when you have large amounts of content ready to publish and you don’t have enough time to enter each of your platforms and do it manually.

Buffer offers you a very structured publication calendar with which you can keep a strict control of what is published and later monitor the results of each of your publications.

All these tools have different
functions, so it is best to take a look at all of them and decide
which one best meets your expectations.

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