What type of content should I share on Social Networks

What type of content should I share on Social Networks

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Nowadays it is practically a necessity to have a presence on social networks. As in other times not having a sign outside your business was equivalent to people not knowing you, now not having a profile on at least one of the main platforms is like not telling anyone that you offer your products or services.

And it is that the importance of social networks is such that audiences not only want to know that you exist, they also want to see / hear what you have to say about it to various topics apart from what you do.

Keep reading to find out exactly what kind of content you should share on each social network.

General metrics to publish on social networks

There are some basic rules that will help you create appropriate and interesting content on your social networks .

These rules follow the preferences of the majority of d e audiences and at the same time comply with certain guidelines that various social networks impose to be able to give a correct reach to your publications.

Among these we find the use of good quality images, not blurry and much less with watermarks unrelated to your brand. Never use offensive language in your publications or capitalize the entire description.

Finally, respect the 20% rule, that is, if there will be text in an image, it does not cover more than 20% of the space. Leaving aside these basic guidelines, the reality is that each of the main social networks requires different types of publications , which you will know below.

What to share on Facebook

Facebook is a social network that lends itself to highly visual content but also allows interaction much broader than in other networks.

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Social networks – Facebook

Taking advantage of this, you can create posts with captivating images and colorful graphics (respecting 20%), but also make use of copy to solicit interactions from your audience.

In fact, you can share posts specifically for people to vote or answer your questions on social media.

Memes or funny posts are also a good type of content for Facebook . Another great advantage that Facebook allows us is the use of very diverse audiovisuals, so you can share videos, photographs, infographics and the most valuable thing: the links to your website!

What to share on Instagram

Instagram is the younger brother and more modern than Facebook. This platform attracts mostly younger audiences and the main attraction of Instagram is the visuals.

With this in mind, it is natural that all your content directed to Instagram is extra polished when it comes to aesthetics. Striking and original photos, well-kept color compositions and graphics with striking and large text (the 20% rule does not apply here) will be your allies for this type of publication.

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Keep in mind that Instagram is seen mainly on cell phones so your images should attract attention even when viewed in small numbers.

Another thing that you should not forget in this social network are the hashtags, as they are tags that will help you find people who still do not follow you.

What to share on Twitter

On Twitter brevity is key, since you only have 270 characters and your images to express yourself. Brands with a presence on Twitter should invite dialogue with their publications, after all this is the main function of this platform.

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Create images that invite you to create forums or conversations, ask questions or tell a story in post threads so that people will want to follow you from beginning to end.

Twitter is probably the least suitable network to focus on. In promoting your products or services, here people come to talk and learn new things so plan your strategy based on this.

What to share on Pinterest

Pinterest is a combination of a social network and an information search engine. People can have an account and create content, but the vast majority dedicate themselves to “Pinning” or saving the existing content in their boards to separate it by categories.

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As a company, it is your duty to create original content and mix it with some shared content, so that it is not obvious that you are only interested in promoting your products.

Use high resolution images with a very extended length measurement, and always remember to include links to your website for those who are curious about your content.

It’s Your Turn Now

Sure, there are very different types of networks and each one serves a particular purpose. What is really important is that you take the time to create a content strategy for each one, where you take advantage of the advantages of each social network and know how to exploit them based on your services or products.

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