Action blocked Instagram: the solutions

Action blocked Instagram: the solutions

Wandering around Instagram , you have found a very interesting profile to follow. However, the Instagram blocked action screen suddenly appeared when you pressed the Follow button. If you are looking for a way to try to solve it, in this article we will try to find out together what are the causes of this and the possible solutions to be implemented to eliminate the problem.

Action blocked by Instagram: the causes

Exactly on 4 June 2019 , the developers of the popular social platform have updated the algorithm of the software going to limit the actions that can be performed every hour, day and month.

In other words, will no longer be It is possible to carry out many actions in a given period of time as was the case before. This limitation applies both if you carry out these actions manually and using a special bot.

So, if you go over the new limits imposed by Instagram , the actions that can be done in that specific period of time will be automatically limited. In addition to photos, comments and likes, some users have marked the impossibility of viewing the stories.

In the end, therefore, we can summarize the cause of this block by exceeding the limit of actions allowed by Instagram in that hour, day, week or month. If you perform the same action (e.g. follow someone) from two different accesses (you manually and from the bot), the block is automatically applied.

In any case, unlocking of blocked actions it happens automatically after 24/48 hours, although some have had to wait more than a week. The reason for this could be the exceeding of the number of weekly shares. Obviously, you will not run any risk of account closure for this reason, so it will only be necessary to wait a few days before returning to fully use your profile.

Azione bloccata Instagram: le soluzioni

Action blocked by Instagram: the solutions

To try to solve this problem, unfortunately you cannot use a particular button or simply contact the assistance of the photographic social network. However, there are some solutions that can help you unlock one or more actions as quickly as possible, without waiting too long.

If you use a bot and you have done some actions manually while it was operating, then we advise you to disconnect the profile from the bot, change the password or completely delete the Instagram account from the platform that manages it.

After that, wait at least a week without taking any action (i.e. following someone, leaving a like or commenting on a post) that has been blocked by Instagram. If you try to take an action to see if it is still blocked, the restriction will continue.

After 7 days, connect your Instagram profile to the bot and activate it to perform the previously blocked actions. In case of failure, we suggest you repeat the steps again and wait a few more days until everything is restored.

If you don’t use a bot , instead, a lot you have probably posted several comments, left more likes than usual and followed more profiles in a few moments. This led to the freezing of the shares. In this case, it is absolutely necessary not to repeat the action or actions blocked by Instagram, wait at least 5 days in a row and then try again. If not, wait a few more days.

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