Few likes on Instagram photos: the reasons

Few likes on Instagram photos: the reasons

In recent times there has been a bit of panic inherent in the Shadowban of Instagram ; many users, who do not receive enough likes or who no longer grow, believe they are in Shadowban, while they are not. If you find yourself in this situation, and therefore you are not in Shadowban, know that there are several reasons why you receive few likes for photos on Instagram , and in this article we will show you what they are.

Few likes to photos on Instagram: the reasons

Most of the time the real reason why you have few likes for photos on Instagram is not the Shadowban, but rather the trust score relating to your profile. You can see the trust score as the state of health of your Instagram page and often, just like us humans, the latter can get sick. But don’t worry! The trust score can also heal. There are several causes of a low trust score level of the Instagram profile and we list them below.

Pochi like alle foto Instagram i motivi

Multiple accesses from multiple IP addresses at the same time

Accessing Instagram using multiple IP addresses at the same time can confuse the famous photographic social network, making it believe that you are using automation or third-party applications. The solution to this dispute is to decide which device and connection to use your profile with and always use those.

Follow / Unfollow

Excessive use of Follow / Unfollow is equivalent to spam, therefore Instagram penalizes you by dropping coverage and post impressions. The solution in this case is to detach the Follow / Unfollow, start cleaning the profile and categorize it.


If you have inserted a link in your bio created with BITLY, then Instagram will penalize you, since the policy of the widespread social network does not support such platforms. So trivially the solution in this case is to remove this link from your bio.

Publishing previously reported content

Publishing content that was previously reported by other users or removed by IG for violation of the TOS leads to a drop in coverage and, sometimes, to the removal of the post itself. In this case, to remedy this, check that your content does not contain violent and / or naked episodes.

Copyright infringement

Very often it happens that, especially on the pages of viral reposting, despite giving credit to the creator of the content, the latter s egnali anyway the post and, consequently, IG will remove this post; moreover, for about two weeks, it will create a drastic reduction of reach and impression . To prevent this from happening, it is good to indicate in your captions that, in the event that the owner of the content does not agree, it is his right to request the removal without having to resort to drastic methods.

Publishing posts with unauthorized software

If you usually use third-party apps, not authorized by the famous social network, to schedule the publication of content, know that Instagram will tend to penalize you. So, to prevent this from happening, use only Instagram-authorized apps and dissociate your Account from third-party apps.

Now that you know all the actual reasons why you have few like the photos on Instagram , all you have to do is use the right countermeasures and wait for your trust score to grow again.

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