How Instagram chooses the order of the stories

How Instagram chooses the order of the stories

The Stories continue to grow in popularity over the years. In this article we will try to understand how Instagram chooses the order of the stories to be displayed within the app. In fact, many people wonder why the stories published by certain people appear first in their personal feed.

An intelligent algorithm

For several years now, Instagram has chosen to abandon the chronological feed in favor of a different algorithm based on machine learning . The latter helps the popular photo social network determine which profiles you might be interested in more than others.

The algorithm keeps track of which profiles you are “most attached to” such as friends and family, whose photos you often enjoy or chat via Direct. A similar thing also applies to the order of stories. The people you interact with the most, or whose stories you like the most, will always appear first.

The algorithm of the stories and the feed is not the same

Despite the similarities, the Instagram Stories algorithm is different from the one used for the feed . The main difference is that, with Stories, Instagram looks for signals. Once these are defined, the algorithm adapts to your way of using the app.

The so-called “signals” used by the social platform are: interests , interactions , timeliness and experience.


If you manually search for the same Instagram profile every day, for example, means that you care. It can be a friend, a celebrity, a brand, or anything else you like. If you follow him, Instagram will know and will try to prioritize his stories.


The interaction is the relationship between your profile and that of others you follow. If you often exchange likes, comments and direct messages with a particular user, then the interaction will be very strong. Based on the strength of the interaction, Instagram will move these profiles as soon as possible in the order of the stories. You’re more likely to watch a story posted by someone you interact with constantly.


Sometimes Instagram orders the stories from the most recent to to oldest . However, an old story posted by someone you interact with often or are more interested in takes priority over other content posted by profiles you don’t care much about.


Always pressing on the stories of the same profile once you open the app, after a while you will notice that the person will always be at the forefront of your Stories feed . It won’t matter when the story has loaded. Until you watch it, it will always be the first in the feed. This is because Instagram builds on past experiences .

In che modo Instagram sceglie l'ordine delle storie

How Instagram orders those who watch the stories

When you publish a story, you can check who has seen it through the appropriate function. As the hours go by, you will see more and more people add to the list of views. Some of these profiles will be placed at the top while others will be positioned further down.

You will often see the same people at the top of the view list even if there are hundreds of other people who have watched your stories. This happens due to the algorithm of Instagram.

The view list works very similar to the story feed. If you interact more with some profiles than others, they will be at the top of the list of views.

If you see a particular profile at the top of the list, it means that you are interested and interact with it often . Since Facebook and Instagram are connected to each other, sometimes the profiles you interact with on both social platforms are displayed at the top of the list of views.

Is it possible to change the order of the stories?

You can influence the algorithms of Instagram and change the order of the stories in your feed by behaving differently . In fact, the algorithm learns and adapts to your behavior.

So if you don’t want some users to appear first in the feed, you should try interacting with them less frequently. If you want to change the algorithm and organize your feed, you will need to visit other profiles and interact with other people and the content they publish.

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