How to avoid the Instagram shadowban

How to avoid the Instagram shadowban

You came across this article because you have surely heard of shadowban at least once. In the next few lines, we will deal in particular with explaining how to avoid Instagram shadowban in case you are interested in escaping this phenomenon that has recently been affecting many users.


If you have suddenly registered a drop in likes for your posts, then surely you have already ended up in the shadowban . In this case, we advise you to take as a reference the tutorial linked below in which we explain how to get out of it, as well as what this mechanism implemented by the well-known photographic social network consists of.

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How to avoid Instagram shadowban

To escape this new phenomenon of Instagram , we advise you to follow some tips. Remember that prevention is better than cure ! Let’s find out what they are.

Don’t use blocked and / or banned hashtags

Many hashtags, which could be harmless, are used by users to share inappropriate content on the social platform. Therefore, Instagram simplifies the control by completely suspending the hashtag rather than every single post.

This means that, if you use a blocked or banned hashtag within your post , the entire content will be penalized and hidden by the hashtag search section . If you do not know which are the offending ones, we suggest you take as a reference our dedicated article that you can find linked below.

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Not used the same hashtags in posts published at nearby times

How to avoid the Instagram shadowban ? If you want to publish a new post on Instagram , make sure you don’t use the same hashtags as the last content shared less than 24 hours ago. This, in fact, would seem to be one of the reasons for the penalty.

Do not use bots that violate the terms of use

of bots to increase likes, post comments and follow users automatically has become increasingly difficult following the latest updates adopted by the developers of Instagram . These automation software, in fact, could lead to shadowban and even to permanent suspension from the social network for violating the conditions of use.

Come evitare lo shadowban di Instagram

Avoid being reported by other users

If you have posted content on the social network and it is reported by multiple users as spam , inappropriate or for other violations, then Instagram could easily identify it and automatically apply the penalty.

Don’t be too active

How to avoid the Instagram shadowban ? The excessive use of Instagram could be another reason for the shadowban . In fact, not everyone knows that on the social network it is possible to carry out a limited number of actions every day, that is to like, post comments and follow people.

These limits vary depending on the seniority of the Instagram profile . So, the advice we give you is to take as few actions as possible going to perform only those strictly necessary.

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