How to delete Instagram account: the procedure to follow

How to delete Instagram account: the procedure to follow

If there is a Social Network that has united millions of users involving them daily on the platform it is precisely Instagram . Especially thanks to Stories , people have increased their use of the platform even more, also sharing their day’s actions with their followers . Let’s not forget that Instagram was born as a platform on which to share photos and videos , and this feature has always remained over time, despite the continuous updates and the arrival of new functionality .

However, nothing is forever, and many of you are in fact asking us the procedure on how to delete an Instagram account . In this guide you will find below the procedure both to deactivate the Instagram account and to permanently delete an account Instagram : of course you will also show yourself how to have a backup , so how to get a copy of all your data that you can download before deleting the account (for example photos and videos, if you want to save them).

How to delete Instagram Profile: first check the data

Before continuing on how to unsubscribe from Instagram (or simply suspend the Instagram profile), it is good practice all the data of your account, and possibly keep them by downloading a copy.

Delete Instagram profiles from Browser

If you intend to check your data of Instagram from browser , follow the next steps.

  • Access the official page of Instagram
  • Enter your credentials to login
  • Go to the page of your profile and click on the Settings icon (top right)
  • Continue on Privacy and Security
  • Scroll page up to View account data
  • In the screen that opens, you can check all the data you want, by clicking on View all
Controllare dati Instagram

As mentioned above, you can also download a copy of all your data. However, you will need to enter your password for security reasons.

  • Log in to the page of Instagram
  • Go to your profile , then on Settings
  • Scroll the page to Data download , where you will have to click on Request download data
  • Enter the e-mail address associated with the account and press Next
  • After entering your password , you will receive a mail from Instagram containing a link from which you can download your data
Copia dati Instagram

How to remove yourself from Instagram on Android / iOS

If you want to proceed via smartphone , the procedure will be slightly different. To check your data:

  • Open the Instagram
  • application Go to your profile page
  • Click on the three-line icon located at the top right
  • Continue onSettings
  • Click on Security and then on Login data
  • On the screen that will open, you can consult all your data
Controllare dati Instagram smartphone

To download a copy of all your data:

  • Open the Instagram
  • application Go to the your profile
  • Press the three lines icon located at the top right
  • Continue on Settings
  • Click on Security , then on Download Data
  • Enter the mail associated with the your account and, subsequently, your password
  • Within 48 hours you will receive an email containing the link to download your data
Dati Instagram smartphone

Temporarily disable the Instagram account

If you intend to disable temporarily the Instagram account, without deleting it completely, you will have to proceed via the browser. In fact, the procedure for disabling not can be done from the application, and this makes it unique both on smartphone and on PC . I also point out that by disabling your account, all your information and data will be hidden until the next login. In short, if you disable the account, no one will be able to see your profile on Instagram until you decide to reactivate it.

  • Connect to the page official of Instagram
  • Log in by entering your credentials
  • Go to your profile page, and continue on Edit profile
  • Scroll the page until Disable appears temporarily my account
  • In the new screen, select a reason that prompted you to disable your account
  • Enter the password and confirm
come disabilitare account Instagram

It is good to reiterate that to reactivate the disabled account, simply log in again on the official Instagram site.

Delete permanently an Instagram account

Deleting an Instagram account permanently is an irreversible operation, you will no longer be able to go back and all the information and data relating to the profile will be unsubscribe from the platform. Therefore, this is a recommended operation only for those who no longer intend to use the Social Network and want to eliminate Instagram completely. Also in this case, it is possible to proceed only through browser , and not using the application.

  • Go to the dedicated page for the removal of an Instagram account
  • Log in by entering your credentials
  • Selecting a reason which prompted you to permanently delete your Instagram account
  • Re-enter the password to confirm
  • Click on Delete my account permanently
cancellare account Instagram

If you have more of an account, and you want to delete one in particular, simply log in with that account, and follow the procedure shown above. Now you can also delete Instagram by uninstalling the application on your device.

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