How to download photos from Instagram

How to download photos from Instagram

Despite the many updates and news that Instagram presents almost every day, even today the social network has even trivial shortcomings. One above all is an advanced integration between the photos posted and those present on our device, which is still too minimal today and does not highlight the quality of our images (due to a compression too invasive) . Another limitation is not being able to download images not belonging to our profile, which is why we often opt for the classic screenshot . Today we show you instead how to download photos from Instagram through really simple and functional methods.

For greater clarity we have written this short guide in order to provide you with equivalent methods that you can use without only via the smartphone but also via the PC or even via applications. Find everything in this summary:

Is it legal to download photos from Instagram?

Before to show you the different ways to download photos from Instagram, we would like to clarify that this operation is legitimate only if we make a strictly personal use of the images we download, especially if the photo we want to download comes from our own profile. Otherwise, for example for professional use , it is advisable to contact the author of the photo and request permission. We at ChimeraRevo do not promote any infringement of copyright .

Download photos from Instagram via App (Android / iOS)

Although using a computer we could download photos from Instagram very quickly, most users ask us for a method to download them quickly via smartphone . In our opinion, in fact, there are some really well done and very fast apps that allow us to download one or more photos at the same time with a few simple clicks. The ones we recommend most are:

InSaver for Android

With over 10 million downloads, InSaver is definitely the best app for Android that allows us to download photos from Instagram in just a few steps. It is also very light, so you can install it on any smartphone, and it is available for free on the Play Store by simply clicking on the following link that you see in red:

Once opened, click on continue and wait 5 seconds for advertising (the only real flaw of this application). After that there will also be a mini tutorial on how to use it, but it’s really simple. Anyway now go to the Instagram app and look for the post containing the photo you want to download:

Once you have found the post with the photo you want to download, you will notice that at the top right there is the symbol with three dots placed vertically. As in the image above, then, click that symbol in such a way as to bring up a menu similar to the one in the photo, from which you will have to choose and click the “ Copy link ” item just as indicated by the arrow .

All we have to do is go to the app we just downloaded to be able to use the link just copied to download the Instagram photo directly to our smartphone:

So as mentioned, let’s go to InSaver, the app we downloaded a few minutes ago. In the main menu of the app (after any advertising that you can close after 5 seconds) you will notice a search bar at the top where you will probably have already pasted the link you have already copied. If not – and therefore if that search bar is empty – first click on “ Paste the link ” at the top left.

Once this is done, the game is done , because all that remains is to download the image by clicking a little further to the right on the “ Download “ button. Attention, even if it seems that the application has not done anything, go to the Gallery of your smartphone and you will notice that the photo you downloaded will be in the InSaver folder. Very simple!

Instdown for iPhone and iPad

Instdown is a It is an excellent application to download photos from Instagram (or even videos of course) to iPhone and iPad without spending a cent. Using it is very simple and works very similar to what we saw with the previous app.

Equipped with a minimal but pleasant design, it does its job well and after installing it it will really be a game to play. guys use it. As always, go to Instagram and look for the post containing the photo or video you want to download. From the post click at the top right on the symbol with three vertical dots and select the item “ Copy link “.


Open Instdown and paste the link of the post in the space provided in the center of the screen. All you have to do is tap on the down arrow to the right of the bar and wait a few moments for the download to complete. Et voilà, so you can download photos from Instagram for free and in a few seconds!

Download photos from smartphones via websites

If you are looking for a more practical solution, we recommend some websites to download photos from Instagram online quickly and easily. The functioning of these services is practically the same; just copy the link of the Instagram image that interests us and paste it into the search bar of the following sites. N.B. = The link can be found both from the site and from the app, just click on the 3 dots at the top right of each post and select “ Copy Link “.

scaricare foto instagram

Here is a list of the best sites in our opinion to download photos from Instagram. We have chosen them mainly because they are very simple to use and absolutely free:

For example, this is how the INSTAVIEW.ME site looks like, where you just need to paste the link you just copied inside in the search bar and finally press the button “ DOWNLOAD NOW “on the right to immediately start downloading the image. Each of these sites downloads photos from Instagram directly into the device memory, so you will find the photo in the Gallery:

scaricare foto instagram

Download photos from Instagram from PC

From the moment you have a PC at your disposal, things certainly speed up, and they are just as easy compared to the procedures we have seen on smartphones. In principle we have several methods to download photos from Instagram on PC that we want to offer you, and which we list below:

Via websites

Exactly as we saw a little while ago via smartphone, it is possible to download photos from Instagram using websites specially created for this purpose. All you have to do is go to, log in with your account and search for the post containing the photo or video you want to download.

scaricare foto da instagram

Click on that photo and look for the symbol at the top right in the shape of three vertical dots, which correspond to the Post Options. This will open a small menu in front of you from which you will have to select and click with the mouse the item “ Copy link “:

scaricare foto da instagram 1

Once this is done, all that remains is to go to one of the many sites that allow us to download images from Instagram, paste the aforementioned link in the search bar of that site and download it to your PC. In this regard, there are really many sites that allow us to download content, and below we list some of them:

gramvio scaricare foto da instagram

Via source code

If you do not intend to download particular apps on our smartphone or PC, the best way to save images from Instagram is to view the source code of the photo in question. Thanks to it, in fact, we will be able to trace all the information on a specific web page, from the HTML code to the links of the files uploaded to the site. Returning to Instagram, open the web version from your PC; go to the image you are interested in downloading and with the right button select “ Inspect ” (the name may vary depending on the browser). Open the new box, at the top, double click on the code string immediately preceding the preselected one; you will see the information of the photo and a link (generally colored blue) which, if opened in a new tab, will open the image at full resolution. At that point you just have to save the image by selecting the option with the right button.

Come scaricare foto da Instagram - Vidma InSaver0

We have therefore shown you several methods on how to save photos from Instagram; at this point you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs and download. We also invite you to take a look at all of our other Instagram guides .

Come scaricare foto da Instagram - Vidma InSaver1

Come scaricare foto da Instagram - Vidma InSaver2

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