How to get the blue check on Instagram

How to get the blue check on Instagram

With the aim of obtaining as many verified profiles as possible and avoiding the spread of fake or bot accounts, Instagram has made it easier the procedure for having a verified profile. In the next few lines, therefore, we will explain how to get the blue checkmark on Instagram if you are not aware of the steps to follow.

Blue check: what is it

Since Instagram has become a particularly popular social network, we have read several times on the net about various identity theft or fake profiles belonging to famous people. Therefore, to overcome this problem, the popular social platform has decided to give the possibility to authenticate your profile by putting a blue check next to the username. Put simply, thanks to this feature, you will get greater credibility for your profile.

Checkmark blue: what requirements to have to get it

Before discovering how to get the blue tick on Instagram , we wanted to bring you the requirements main to be have to add the blue check next to your username.

First of all, your Instagram profile must be authentic and belong to a real person or to a brand. So, for example, accounts created for celebrities cannot get the blue tick.

Another requirement to get this functionality is that the account must be public and that it has a complete biography consisting of profile picture and previously published posts. Another required (although not essential) attribute is that of the link in the biography that leads to the website (better if it has your name and surname as its domain). If you don’t know how to make an Instagram account from private to public, follow the instructions in our dedicated tutorial.

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Among the requirements to get the blue check on Instagram there is also that of not inserting a link that shows the users on other social networks. The only link that can be inserted, in fact, must be used only for your website.

Instagram needs to know if the profile belongs to a person known on the Internet and easily recognizable . Unfortunately, it is not possible to send directly, for example, articles on which you have been protagonists as the social network performs an automatic search on Google to find out.

Finally, in order to request the activation of the blue check it is not necessary to have a certain amount of followers .

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How to get the blue tick on Instagram

After analyzing the specific requirements in order to obtain the blue check , below we will list the steps to follow in order to send the request to the social network.

Let’s see how:

  • Grab your mobile device and open the Instagram application .
  • Once this is done, tap on the ‘ little man at the bottom right and then swipe from the right edge to the left one or press on the 3 dashes at the top right.
  • After clicking on Settings , tap on Account and then select Request check.
  • Using the screen that appears, fill in the required fields ( Name user , Name and surname and Known as ) and select the category to which your account belongs (e.g. News / Media , Music or Blogger/Influencer).
  • Once this is done, click on Choose a file and attach a photo of a your identity document (e.g. driving license, passport or identity card) or an official company document (e.g. tax return, deed of incorporation or recent utility bill). Make sure that your photo is on the document and that your name and date of birth are clearly indicated.
  • Once you have filled in all the fields, click on the Send button and wait ‘outcome.

After some time, if the request is rejected by Instagram , you will receive a notice stating that the account is not has met the requirements for obtaining the blue check, but without specifying the reasons.

Fortunately, you can resubmit your request every 30 days until it is approved. Please note that Instagram does not send any e-mail asking you to verify the account to get the check blue , so be careful to possible scams.

If you are unable to get the blue tick after several attempts, then we advise you to focus on making your account verified using an alternative method. To do this, simply add as much personal information as possible to the profile.

So, simply go to the screen of your Instagram account (by pressing on the little man bottom right) and pressing the Edit profile button. Via the displayed screen, change the website address, enter a full bio, link a Facebook page, set a category that classifies your profile and add contact options (email, phone number, and so on).

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