How to make video edit Instagram

How to make video edit Instagram

You intend to publish a video on the well-known photographic social network but first you would like to apply some changes to make it more interesting from an aesthetic point of view. In this new guide today we will explain how to make video edit Instagram using some free applications or the tools offered by the same social platform.


Before discovering the best software to use to edit videos to publish on Instagram , we wanted to give you 3 simple tips that you are free to follow or not to improve your performance .

  • Offer quality content.
  • Make the most of the time available (60 minutes for IGTV for users who have a certain number of followers or 15 minutes and 10 seconds for all the others, 15 seconds for Stories and 60 seconds for posts containing videos).
  • Take a cue from the most famous profiles on the platform.

How to edit videos on Instagram with the integrated tools

If you don’t want If you want to install external applications, then you can easily and immediately modify a video before publishing it using the predefined features proposed by the app of the photographic social network.

To access them, you just need to open the application, tap on the + in the lower center, click on Gallery , use the proposed list to search for the clip, press on to select it and then tap on Next at the top right.

In the next step, through the Filter menu, choose the filter you want to apply to the movie (click on the ‘ gear placed at the end of the list to access others). By pressing on the Cut menu, you can change the duration of the video to be published on Instagram by dragging the two white dots. In conclusion, you can choose the cover image to apply to the movie via Cover . Once these operations have been completed, fill in the other fields proposed and press the appropriate button to publish the video via post.

As for the Stories , you will have to do this: press the camera icon at the top left of the feed, press the gallery preview icon at the bottom left and tap on the video you want to share on Instagram as History.

Through the screen shown, you can add a sticker, a filter, a background song, a drawing or a text using the 6 icons placed at the top. Once you have applied all the desired changes, click on the Send to button and click on Share next to Your story .

Come fare video edit Instagram

How to edit video on Instagram with VideoShow

In case you are looking for an application to edit videos from your smartphone or tablet, then we suggest VideoShow . It is a powerful free editor available for both Android and iOS which allows you to add subtitles, emoticons, texts, filters, music and much more to your clips in a few simple gestures.

In addition to this, the app supports direct sharing on Instagram . For more information on how the software works, please refer to the guide attached below.

Le migliori app per modificare video 2

How to do video edit on Instagram with InShot

Another highly recommended and free application to edit videos to post on Instagram is InShot . Among its many features, this software allows you to crop and / or delete some parts of a clip, add a favorite background track, add text or a sticker and much more.

Just like VideoShow, however, the free version of InShot applies a watermark at the bottom right of the output file but if you want you can buy the paid version. After the export is complete, you can directly share the edited video on Instagram. To find out the complete functioning of the app, follow the instructions in the tutorial attached just now.

How to edit video on Instagram: other solutions

In addition to the software listed in the previous lines, it is possible to use the many other alternatives that we list below.

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