How to save Instagram stories

How to save Instagram stories

With the advent of stories, the popularity of Instagram has increased, becoming the social platform of the moment . Users are encouraged to spend more and more time on social, sharing simple and temporary content of all kinds. Stories exert a certain attraction on the people of the web, who try to understand all aspects of them in order to make the most of them.

We have already shown you the possibility of seeing stories without being seen , remaining in complete anonymity, today we will give you some tips on how you can download the stories on your devices . Don’t believe it? We will explain how it is possible to go beyond the limits imposed by Instagram using some little ploy .

How to download the stories IG via screeshot

It may seem strange or archaic, but the quickest way to get the stories on your devices is screenshots . Certainly you would not operate anonymously, but at least you would get what you are interested in.

Both Android , and iOS , allow you to obtain frames of your display via the combination of two keys. On Android you use the power key and volume key at the bottom, while on iOS , depending on the version, it is obtained by pressing the Home and side buttons simultaneously.

How to download IG stories via web page

Let’s start from the first way to download temporary Instagram content via PC and from all browsers . It is the most used method, especially by those who do not intend to download third-party apps. Let’s see together which web tools to use.


StoryDownloader is a powerful online tool which will allow you to view and download an unlimited number of stories in a totally anonymous way and above all free . From the first use, you will immediately notice the extreme ease with which you can operate, thanks to an extremely intuitive design.

How does it work? First of all, you will need to identify the user you are interested in. Enter the name in the search bar on the homepage of the site and click on Download Articles . The result you will get is a page with the details of the referring profile, such as the amount of posts and followers, and the stories that you can download.

StoryDownloader 1
StoryDownloader 2 1

Let’s now talk about , a site completely in English, unlike StoryDownloader, who does their job very well. allows you not only to download stories , but also highlights with just one click. For the uninitiated, the Instagram highlights are featured content to be created in your IG profile.

To be able to download the stories with StorySaver just connect to the homepage of the site, choose between stories and highlights and type in the username. After clicking Download, you will be redirected to a page, where you can save the content on your device.

How to download IG stories via app

If, on the other hand, you are not very keen on PC use, but you operate almost exclusively via smartphone or tablet , we have saved some tips for you too. In this case, you will have to use very similar third-party apps.

Reshare Story for Instagram for iOS

Reshare Story for Instagram is the app reserved for Apple users and is directly downloadable from the App Store . It is a remarkably versatile app: not only does it allow you to watch your friends’ IG stories in anonymous form , but it also gives you the ability to save them in a special folder. This applies not only to stories , but also to photos, videos and profile pictures. To download the featured stories, you will need to purchase the PRO version.

Story Saver App – Stories Downloader for Android

Friends of Android here is the app for you. Let’s talk about Story Saver App , the downloader of IG stories that you can download from the PlayStore . The use is very simple: once logged in with your account, you just need to search for the user of your interest by means of the lens at the top right.

Once selected, the existing stories will appear in that moment. Press and hold on the story to see a drop-down menu appear with a series of commands to choose from:

  • Save: to save the contents of the story on your device
  • Share : to re-share the content on other apps such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook
  • Repost : to repost the story in Direct, in Feeds or in your Stories.
  • Play : to view the story.
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