How to spy on Instagram

How to spy on Instagram

Instagram is the most used social network at the moment, a consequence of the fact that it provides the user with numerous functions . In fact, through the well-known social network you can post and view photos and videos , upload stories during the day and also exchange messages with friends and family. The stories and messages on Instagram could attract the attention of many people, especially the “ curious ” who intend to spy on an Instagram account . There are several tactics to consider to do this, some basic (within everyone’s reach) others that require more attention and practicality . The aim of this guide is absolutely not to encourage spying actions (which I remember are absolutely illegal), but to inform the user and hope that everyone can protect themselves in effective way from the bad guys.

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How to spy on Instagram

When we talk about spying on Instagram we can refer to a multitude of operations. As previously mentioned, you can try to spy on both messages , both posts of a private profile, and stories (anonymously) . To find out how you can do all this, all you have to do is continue reading and learn the main strategies (so you can defend yourself from the bad guys).

How to spy on other Instagram profiles

The intention of most people who intend to spy on Instagram profiles is precisely to view their photos. In fact, Instagram is the social media dedicated to photos and videos par excellence, so it is obvious that they attract the attention of most users. However, as you well know, there are two types of profiles on Instagram: the public profile and the private profile .

In the case of a public profile, the procedure to follow to see the contents of a particular profile is very simple , as it is accessible to everyone, even those who do not follow it.

  • Open Instagram
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to access the search section
  • Type the name of the person you are interested in (sometimes it is necessary to know the username precisely to get the desired results)

  • Then press on the profile of your interest
  • View the photos and video
  • It is good to know that, the interested user will not be able to know if you have viewed his pro or not wire. However, the same is not the case with Stories , as Instagram records your view.

    Spying on a private profile

    If, on the other hand, the profile of your interest is private , then I warn you that the matter is more complicated. In fact, this type of profile, if not followed on request, does not allow the display of its posts and stories. If you intend, therefore, to rely on one of the many services that guarantees you a solution to this problem, I tell you right away that you are wasting time : these services, in most cases, do not work or they are paid . However, there are some little tricks that, even with a little luck, will allow you to find and spy on the profile of your interest:

    • Check the hashtag : often users, when publishing a post, make use of hashtags (keywords that allow you to better target, in the case of Instagram, a post in a certain category). By searching for a specific hashtag (within the Tag section), you can locate the post relating to the person of your interest. I warn you that it is an operation that hardly guarantees good results, but it is still worth trying
    • Check the geolocation : similarly to the use of hashtags, also that of geolocation might come in handy. Also in this case, it will be enough to carry out a brief search of the place you intend to examine (via the Places section) and, if you are lucky, you will find at least one post of the account of your interest
    • Check others social : nowadays the use is more and more connected and it is possible to go back to an Instagram account also through other alternatives such as, for example, Facebook. For this reason it is useful to check if, on other social networks, the person in question may have shared an Instagram post

    Spying Instagram with Cerberus

    Cerberus is a famous application, available for Android, which allows you to control a smartphone remotely. The app is free for the first seven days, after which you must purchase the full version , at a cost of about € 5. Taking advantage of the functions provided by Cerberus, you can also spy on Instagram on the affected phone.

    • Download Cerberus by going to the official page and install it on the smartphone to be controlled
    • Grant all necessary permissions and restart the application
    • Now click on Create a Cerberus account choosing, then , a username and password and entering your email
    • After clicking on Create account you will finally have access to all the functions made available by the app
    • To remotely control the smartphone on which you have just installed the app, you will need to use your PC.

      • Go inside the official page of Cerberus
      • Log in by entering the credentials of your account
      • At this point, by clicking on the icon in arrow shape placed next to Start localization you can choose between different functions such as Screen capture or Video capture

      This way you can see in real time the actions performed on your smartphone.

      How to spy on Instagram with Telegram

      It may seem strange to you, but it is also possible to spy on Instagram using the well-known messaging service (which nowadays integrates a myriad of functions within it). To succeed in your intent, we recommend the use of Regram Bot , which will provide you with lots of information on the Instagram profile of your interest. Its use is very simple:

      • Add Regram Bot to your Telegram account
      • In the chat, click on Start
      • Now type in the username of the account to be examined and press Enter

      At this point you will have several options, such as the ability to download a certain photo on your smartphone.

      Come spiare i profili Instagram con Regram Bot

    How to spy on Instagram stories anonymously

    Another great Instagram function much appreciated by users is the one concerning Stories . Unlike posts, however, when viewing the Story of a profile, Instagram will record this action and the user will be aware of it (if they check the information regarding the story). For this reason, many people want to be able to view the story anonymously , thus not letting their profile know.

    Spy on stories Instagram from PC

    If you intend to view Instagram Stories from PC I inform you that the procedure is very simple. In fact, you will not even have to install software on your computer, as it will only be necessary to connect to an Internet page.

    • Go to the official page of the service
    • Inside the search bar (placed under the writing Anonymous Instagram) type the username of the person of your interest
    • Then you will have access to all Stories of the account in question and, in addition, you can also download the photos and videos on your computer

    I must point out, however, that this tool only works with public profiles.

    vedere storie instagram da pc

    Story Saver for Instagram (Android)

    If you are using a Android smartphone, you can surely rely on Story Saver for Instagram , a free application that allows you to download stories from Instagram accounts and save them on your smartphone.

    • Download the app for free from Google Play Store and open it
    • Log in login by entering your Instagram account credentials
    • Once logged in you can view the Instagram Stories of your interest and, if necessary, save them on your device (just click on the photo of your interest and then on Save )
    • Next, you will find the file you just downloaded in the gallery of your smartphone

    Story Saver for Me (iOS)

    Using a Apple home device, however, you will have to rely on Story Saver for Me , an application ( initially) free that will allow you to look anonymously all the stories of your interest.

    • Download the app via the App Store and open it
    • In the main screen, type in the search bar the username of the account you are interested in
    • Next, you will have access to all contents of the profile just found and you will be able to view the posts and Stories in a totally anonymous

    , you will need to sign up for a subscription , as the function is not available in the free version.

    How to spy on Instagram activities

    Perhaps not everyone knows that, in addition to spying on Stories and posts, on Instagram it is also possible to follow the activities of other profiles. The procedure is simpler than expected, as it is possible to do everything from the Instagram application.

    If you intend to monitor the activities of a particular profile, then:

    • Open Instagram
    • Go to the profile of your interest (which you follow)
    • Press on Follow Already , then on Notifications
    • Select what you are interested in staying informed ( Post , Stories or IGTV)
    spiare smartphone Android iOS KidLogger 6
    How to spy on a smartphone Some apps allow you to monitor a person’s smartphone. Here are the best apps to spy on and control iPhone or Android devices.

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