How to use Instagram from PC

How to use Instagram from PC

You want to manage your Instagram profile on a Windows computer but you are looking for a solution different from the classic website. today’s guide, we will talk about how to use Instagram from PC also using the official application for Windows 10 .

How to use Instagram from PC via app

Before proceeding with the download and installation of the app, you need to know the requirements that your computer must have . As reported on the page on the Microsoft Store , it is possible to install the Instagram app on all computers with Windows 10 in version 10240.0 or later , with x86 processor and with at least 2 GB of RAM . For information purposes, we also report that it is also possible to install the app on Windows Phones equipped with Windows 10 Mobile version 10240.0 or later , with ARM processor and at least 2 GB of RAM.

After having seen the requirements to be able to use the application, we will now take care of explaining how to use it. But first you need to proceed with the download and installation. To do this, simply click on this link to access the page dedicated to the application on the Microsoft Store website or open the latter’s app and use the field search present at the top right to find it directly by typing instagram . After successfully completing the installation, press the Start button to start the app.

At this point, if you already have an account, click on Login present at the bottom (next to Do you already have an account?) and then fill in the proposed fields with the credentials of your Instagram profile or press on Login with Facebook if you use your Facebook credentials.

Alternatively, press the Subscribe by phone or e-mail button to create a new Instagram account directly from the app to Windows 10 following the wizard. Once you have successfully logged into your profile, you will finally be able to use Microsoft’s operating system software.

The main window immediately displays the home screen containing all the latest posts published by the people you follow. You can interact with them by liking (by clicking on the little heart ), by posting a comment (by clicking on the speech bubble ) or by sharing a post with the people you want (by clicking on the airplane ). Instagram for Windows PC also allows you to add content to saved posts by clicking on the bookmark icon .

Pressing on the 3 horizontal dots placed at the top right of each post, a menu opens at the bottom of the screen that allows you to share the content on Facebook, copy the link, activate notifications relating to user posts that published it or report it. Finally, by pressing on the username of the person who shared a content, you will be able to access their personal profile .

Also from the home screen of the app of Instagram , you can watch all the stories and Live Stories shared by your friends by using the Stories section and pressing simply on the circular thumbnail of each profile or alternatively click on Watch all to watch all the stories one after the other.

To update the Instagram feed , simply click on the rotating arrow at the top right. Also here we find a second icon (in the shape of airplane ) which allows you to access Instagram Direct , the section dedicated to messaging. You can interact with other users of the social network to exchange photos, videos, messages and so on.

To start a new conversation, you can use the Search field at the top, type the name of the friend you wish to contact and press the appropriate result from the list shown below. Alternatively, click on + at the top right and use the list of suggestions or the search field to send the message. The latter option is recommended if, for example, you need to send the same message to several people at the same time .

Once this is done, use the text field Write a message … below to send a simple text message or press the camera icon on the left to take a picture using your Windows PC webcam and send it directly or the icon image to send a photo by taking it from your machine’s storage disk. Furthermore, Instagram for PC allows you to instantly send a little heart by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom right or access some settings dedicated to the profile that you want to contact by pressing on the i at the top right.

In particular, the Details page will open where you can disable notifications by pressing the switch present next to Disable notifications , block or report the user via Block or Report or stop following him by pressing the button Follow already and then on Unfollow .

The last feature in Instagram Direct is to be able to send quickly a photo, taken via the webcam of your Windows PC, of ​​a person already contacted previously by simply pressing on the black and white camera placed inside the regard of the conversation.

Returning to the main screen of the Instagram app for Windows 10 , by pressing the camera icon on the top left, you can create a new story just like if you were using a mobile device. You can, therefore, create a textual story, a classic, a boomerang or a rewind. Indeed, there is the “ Without holding down ” function that allows you to make a story without having to keep the record button pressed.

At the top left you will find a gear which allows you to access the Instagram Stories settings if clicked. In particular, you can choose who to hide the story from, allow replies to messages from everyone, from the people you follow or from nobody and so on. To return to the main page of the application, it is necessary to press the arrow pointing to the right , present at the top right.

To go to the search menu, just press the magnifying glass placed at the bottom. Here you can find all your favorite contents by scrolling through the proposed feed or simply using the Search field at the top. There is also a rotating arrow which allows you to update the feed of the most popular posts, as well as the 6 most popular stories at the moment.

By clicking on the little heart in the menu bar, you can access to the screen dedicated to Likes received and to follow requests and to the feed dedicated to all the likes posted by your followers through the Followers tab. In this last screen, you can return the “ Follow ” of a user who has started to follow you by simply pressing the button Follow.

In conclusion, by clicking on the little man at the bottom right, you can access the personal profile of Instagram . Here you can do a lot of things. For example, by clicking on the little man at the top left flanked by a + , you access the Suggested people screen where you will find all the users who Instagram advises you to follow. In addition to this, it is also possible to associate Facebook friends and contacts in the address book by pressing the Connect button located next to Connect to Facebook and Connect contacts .

By clicking on the rotating arrow at the top right, however, you can access the archived posts. By clicking on the number of posts, followers or followers, you can access the complete list of content you have published on Instagram and the list of followers and people you follow. By pressing on the profile picture in miniature , access the Instagram Stories published in the last 24 hours or you can create a new one if a blue circular ball with a + inside .

The list of published posts can be organized both in small previews and in a list using the first two icons starting from the left. With the other two, however, you can see the photos in which you have been tagged and the posts saved via the bookmark button. At the top you will find the description of your profile and other personal information.

By clicking on the Edit profile button, you can change the name, the username , any website address, bio, etc., as well as changing your profile picture. By pressing the Promote button, you can create a promotion for a particular post by following the wizard.

Finally, by clicking on the gear located next to Edit profile , you access the settings screen where you can manage some options dedicated to your account (e.g. history settings, change password, saved login information, activation / deactivation of two-way authentication factors, see the list of blocked users and so on), invite Facebook friends, choose whether to switch to a corporate account or return to your personal one and much more.

The app Instagram for Windows PC also allows you to access a quick menu that allows you to quickly take a photo via the camera, publish a new post, see the latest activities (follow requests and likes ) and access Ins tagram Direct . This can be found by right-clicking on the Instagram item that appears in the Start menu .

If you want to manage some software settings, such as for example the required permissions of the app or check the battery usage, you can do it simply by opening the Settings of Windows 10 using the key combination Ctrl + I or by pressing on the gear in the Start menu, choosing App from the window that appears, clicking on Instagram and pressing on Options avanzate.

In case you no longer want to use the Instagram application on your computer, you can easily uninstall it by clicking on Uninstall button for two consecutive times that appears after right-clicking on the Instagram item in the Start menu or by accessing the App window of the Settings (as indicated above) and pressing the Uninstall button twice in a row.

Come usare Instagram da PC

How to use Instagram from PC via website

If you don’t want to install yet another application on your computer, you can take advantage of I nstagram simply using a browser by connecting to the official website. Once connected to the portal, log in to your account or create a new one by filling in the required fields.

Through the main screen of Instagram Web , you can immediately interact with the various posts published by the people you follow using the 4 icons present under the photo or video published to like, post a comment, share it or save it to bookmarks or alternatively take advantage of the menu that can be recalled by pressing the 3 horizontal dots at the top right to embed, share, copy the link of the content and so on.

Using the Search field located at the top, you can search for your favorite content within the platform while pressing on your username you can quickly access your personal profile. Unfortunately, Instagram Web does not yet allow you to publish stories.

By clicking on the compass at the top right, you can view the most famous posts and suggested people, while pressing on the little heart (always at the top right), a menu opens that shows you all the notifications received regarding likes and comments.

Finally, pressing on the little man always at the top right, access the page of your Instagram profile where you can change the image by pressing on the current one, modify the profile by clicking on Modify the profile , access the complete list of followers and people followed by tapping on the respective numbers, see the published posts, any videos published on IGTV, the saved items and the posts in which they have tagged you and access to Instagram settings by clicking on the gear . Here you can change your password, manage your privacy, find out the list of authorized applications and more.

What to do in case of problems

For any type of problem or doubt encountered on Instagram , you can contact customer service using one of the solutions proposed in our dedicated guide attached below.

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