How to use Instagram to make money

How to use Instagram to make money

Instagram for years has established itself as the most used social network and for some time now, its users are wondering how to use Instagram to earn . The answer is certainly not easy, but there are some strategies and we will try to explain them to you. In this article we will explain which are the most effective methods. Effective does not mean that overnight you can earn big money, but thanks to these tips you can try to earn something through the Instagram social network.

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Selling Shoutouts

Before explaining how to sell shoutouts I want to explain what the latter is. shoutouts is a mention made by an account more influential than yours, on your own account. It is a very functional strategy, but like everything it has a price. This can vary for many conditions and obviously the more influential the profile, the higher the price to pay. Often the starting prices are a few euros , but depending on the profile, they could even reach thousands of euros . What’s the best way to sell shoutouts ? There is a site called Shoutcart which is a marketplace where you can find influencers selling and buying shoutouts. All you need to do is:

  1. Subscribe to the site Shoutcart ;
  2. Access your profile Instagram ;
  3. Access the list of profiles that sell / buy shoutouts;

After following these 3 simple steps you are ready to buy / sell shoutouts.

Shoutcart sito

Publish sponsored photos

Many companies intend to promote their services and have long since decided to try their hand at Instagram achieving great results. Unfortunately, not all accounts can promote and publish sponsored photos. This is because every company needs certain requirements, not always classifiable, but most of the time they require:

  • Followers;
  • Interaction;
  • Target.

In Italy, two portals come to our aid that connect companies and influencers. These are: AdMingle and Buzzoole.


AdMingle is a platform that connects companies and influencers and gives possibility for the latter to earn real money by charging them on PayPal . All you need to do is:

  • Register on the site AdMingle ;
  • Apply to campaigns and wait for approval;
  • Publish all on social media;
  • Generate earnings.



Buzzoole is an influencer marketing platform. Its operation is quite simple and it is the same. A company contacts Buzzoole for visibility and in turn, Buzzoole , contacts the subscribers to the site, as well as influencers , to promote the company . Influencers will receive credits from Buzzoole , which will then be converted into Amazon vouchers. After registering, the site will analyze your profile and help you search for the most suitable campaigns. To participate, just:

  • Sign up for the Buzzoole website;
  • Wait until there are campaigns suitable for your profile.

Crediti Amazon Buzzoole

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