How to write a perfect Instagram bio

How to write a perfect Instagram bio

In addition to bringing quality content, another aspect of the popular photographic social network that you absolutely must take care of is the biography . Within this tutorial today, we will explain in detail how to write a perfect Instagram biography following the suggestions you find in the next lines.


At the heart of every Instagram profile is the biography . The developers of the social network provide 150 characters to introduce you and give new visitors a reason to follow you and interact with your brand.

Specifically, the biography Instagram shows visitors who you are, what you offer and why they should care. So, it is worth investing some free time to design it at its best.

A specially created biography highlights the personality of your brand and in a certain sense ” forces “users to take an action, whether it is clicking on the button, clicking on the link, visiting your shop or simply following your account.

Of course, to make the profile as complete as possible, as well as to the biography it is necessary to take care of the other aspects such as the name, the username, the category to which your account belongs, enter information about the contacts and choose the functionality to apply to the Call-to-Action button .

How to write a perfect Instagram bio

To make your bio stand out, you need to take advantage of creative ideas using all 150 characters available.

La bi ography represents an introduction to new followers . Sure, boring words won’t invite people to click the button Follow , to scroll through your feed or to perform other operations. Therefore, the biography is an opportunity to tell everyone who you are and what your brand does. For example, you can carry your brand promise or special abilities. If you have difficulty, we recommend that you rely on a good copywriter.

Adding hashtag to your biography of Instagram it is a great way to connect to the content posted on the social network. For example, you can add a hashtag related to your brand to promote and collect content generated by other users.

You can also insert a tag that highlights an ongoing promotion or contest . Be careful not to use a hashtag blocked by Instagram. For more information, we recommend that you refer to the tutorial linked below.

Hashtag bannati Instagram quali sono e come riconoscerli 1

Come scrivere una biografia Instagram perfetta

Emoticons are able to convey a message to potential followers in a particular and nice way. They are a great way to highlight your brand’s personality and deliver key details using a single font. On top of that, emojis are a great way to avoid composing a text-only bio.

For example, you can use the ghost emoticon (👻) to tell users that you are on Snapchat , the pin of the position (da) to be inserted in front of the name of the country of residence or address, the mail (✉) in front of your e-mail address, the finger pointing down (👇) to highlight the link in the last line or the flags (🇮🇹) to indicate the main basis of your brand.

How to write a perfect Instagram bio? Another piece of advice we give you is to use spaces and breaks to make your bio much neater. In this case, you can use a app notes in which to create the biography and then copy and paste it in the appropriate field of the app Instagram .

What is the first thing you want people to do after visiting your Instagram profile ? For example, you could entice them to buy or book one of your products, subscribe to the newsletter or visit a specific Facebook page. In this case, you can create a call to action closely related to your goal (e.g. Visit our website or Visit our official Facebook page ). Be careful to create a call to action that aligns with the clickable link in the biography.

Other tips we give you to create a perfect bio are:

  • Write a funny bio .
  • Use custom fonts (Instagram only supports one font but there are some third-party tools that allow We recommend using the Instagram Fonts website accessible from any browser).
  • Add special characters in addition to emoticons ( e.g. ★).
  • Take advantage of quotes because they are a great way to express an idea or create some sort of connection with like-minded users (just do a Google search to find several).

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