Instagram account creator: what it is and what it is for

Instagram account creator: what it is and what it is for

Among the many innovations recently introduced by the developers of the well-known photographic social network, there is also one that allows you to create an account creator Instagram . We at ChimeraRevo have decided to create an article to explain what and what this interesting feature is for .

Account creator Instagram: what is it

Account creator is a new modality introduced by Instagram that alongside the personal and business accounts. At least for the moment, it is available to a limited number of users. As the name suggests, this type of profile was designed primarily for content creators and therefore for influencers.

The first sightings of the account creator occurred in December 2018 following some news reported by a very small number of users who had the opportunity to convert their personal or business profile to the creator one.

Instagram account creator: what is it for

The main function of this new mode is to allow content creators on Instagram to take advantage of particular tools useful for optimizing the use of the social network.

In this regard, Ashley Yuki , product manager of Instagram , said: “ Content creators are very important to the community, and it is our duty to be sure that Inst agram remains the number one platform for those who want to create their own Brand Identity or a fan base “. Moreover, thanks to this new feature, more companies will certainly focus on influencers to promote their products through sponsored posts.

Account creator Instagram: cos'è e a cosa serve

Account creator Instagram : the differences with the business one

The substantial differences between account business and creator are basically two. The first is the message management which in a creator profile are classified into General and Main . In this way, influencers will have the ability to divide the messages received from friends by those of fans.

Another difference concerns the Insight panel , namely the profile statistics. The account creator , in fact, offers a new Public panel where the following and unfollow numbers are shown daily through the Growth item. allow the user to make a correlation between the followers and the published content. Put simply, it will be possible to understand in an easier way which action was most successful in particular on Instagram.

Account creator Instagram: how to activate it

To proceed with the activation of the account creator , simply use the Settings of the Instagram app . So, grab your device, open the application of the photographic social network and press on the little man at the bottom right.

Once this is done, tap on the 3 dashes at the top right or swipe from the right edge to the left and choose Settings . In the next step, click on Account and then click on Switch to an account creator . At this point, Instagram will guide you in converting your profile from personal to creator or from business to creator.

Currently, the conversion can only be done from the Android app and iOS and not from the website or the Windows 10 app.

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