Instagram Story Viewer: what it is and how it works

Instagram Story Viewer: what it is and how it works

Have you ever noticed that very large profiles, which you don’t follow and who don’t follow you, look at your Instagram stories? Probably yes, and in the next few lines I’ll explain why.

How is the Story Viewer born?

Last June 4th, Instagram has decided to increase the restrictions to limit more and more the use of automations, in particular the follow/unfollow.

This event meant that many Social Media Managers found themselves with blocked profiles and from one moment to the next they went from billing a certain sum to billing 0 € . Another consequence is the fact that thousands of customers have been created willing to pay but without a service to buy.

At this point the Story Viewer was born. In reality it already existed but no one gave it value, as follow / unfollow had a much higher follow-back ratio. The strength of this tool lies in the fact that there are no restrictions on the part of Instagram on viewing stories, any user can watch even 2,000,000 stories per day.

The Story Viewer replaces the follow / unfollow

It is precisely because of the limitations of Instagram, and therefore the prohibition of follow / unfollow, that the Story Viewer phenomenon explodes. Since very few offer this service, the price is currently very high, as the demand is much higher than the offer.

How does it work?

The principle behind this tool is the same used in follow / unfollow:

  • Provide your profile credentials;
  • An automation will display the stories of some profiles for you;
  • Users will notice your profile among the many who have viewed your stories;
  • Some curious people will visit your profile and some of them will start following you.

The only difference is that the follow / unfollow could reach even more than 50% follow-back ratio , while the Story Viewer would seem to have a follow-back ratio of less than 0.15% .

How do you recognize a profile that uses it?

Statistical data

A profile using this tool will have an incredible increase in visits to the profile , impression and reach . The problem is that this increase will not be followed by the increase in followers, likes and comments and this disagreement is explained by the 0.15% follow-back ratio.


Looking at the growth charts through some platforms such as Ninjalitics it is possible to notice a use of this tool in the event that there has been a significant increase in followers from a day to day (especially after June 4, 2019, the day Instagram updated its limitations). Unless a person or company has suddenly become famous, it is very difficult to justify such an increase in followers.


If scrolling through the people who have viewed your story you notice some profile with a blue check, some foreign profile or some very large profile, which does not follow you, well, you may ask yourself some questions, especially if you have not used hashtag or geolocation in the story .

Is it allowed by Instagram?

Obviously Instagram does not allow this technique, and this is specified in detail in 3 of the “rules” for using the platform:

3. You are responsible for any activity that occurs within your account and agree not to sell, transfer, license or assign to third parties your account, followers, username or any rights to the account. / em>

5. The user is responsible for keeping his password secret and secure.

15. It is prohibited to create accounts with the Services through unauthorized means, including but not limited to the use of automated devices, scripts, bots, spiders, crawlers or scrapers.

Unfortunately we can’t do anything to block it, the only way to not allow these people to view our stories if they use this tool is to have a private profile .

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