Instagram takes away followers: why it happens

Instagram takes away followers: why it happens

Taking a look at the statistics of your corporate account, you noticed a decrease in the number of followers . From this data you have come to the conclusion that Instagram takes away followers perhaps due to some mistakes made while using the social network. If you are wondering why this happens , then keep reading the guide!

Fake profiles have been deleted

If the follower counter on Instagram has dropped, one of the main causes could be deleting several fake accounts . The algorithm used by the photographic social network analyzes each individual profile and determines whether it is a fake account or not. So, if you’ve noticed a drop in followers , then it means that Instagram may have done a nice cleanup, eliminating all those fake users.

If you have noticed a sudden growth in followers in the past and now you have seen the decline, it could be that someone has purchased fake profiles for your account with the aim of penalizing the reputation you have on the social platform. In this case, we advise you to contact Instagram Customer Support , using one of the solutions listed in the guide below, to ask for explanations.

You have performed some actions incorrect

If you are still looking for an answer to why Instagram takes away followers , the reason could be due to actions incorrect. In particular, you may have made mistakes while using the social network and therefore you are now the victim of a shadowban . For example, Instagram may prevent other users from following you or not highlight stories and / or posts in the Explore section. For more information, please read the tutorials below.

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Come uscire dallo Shadowban di Instagram 1

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Instagram toglie follower: perché succede

Instagram is having some bug

Sometimes it may happen that Instagram removes followers when there is a bug within the social network. These problems result in the sudden loss of followers and, as you can well imagine, it doesn’t just happen to your account.

In this case, we recommend that you check the official Instagram pages present on Facebook and Twitter to find out if any posts have been published about it, even by high users. In addition to this, again on the two social platforms, you could use specific hashtags such as #instagrambug.

Other possible causes

Other possible causes of loss of followers on Instagram concern the latest shared contents that are of low quality, an ineffective communication strategy, having placing too much advertising within a content, posting too much content at close range or sharing a photo that is not in line with your profile theme.

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