Instagram vs TikTok: the differences

Instagram vs TikTok: the differences

One of the social networks network that is experiencing a great rise and in recent months has won more and more customers for its format , different from that of its competitors, is certainly TikTok , of which today we will analyze the differences between this social network and Instagram .

What is TikTok and how it works

TikTok was born in China towards the end of 2016, there it is known as Doujin , and is characterized by its format different from all other social networks, not allowing the user to upload photos, but only videos music for a maximum of 60 seconds.

The main features are the ability to speed up, slow down and edit video (via a filter), the sound or or the music of background , which can be selected from a wide range of songs already present on the application.

Furthermore, through a dedicated option, it is possible to record audio and video of your reaction while the clip is displayed on the smartphone, while, through the “duo”

Many Instagram users have begun to ride the wave of enthusiasm of the new social network ( influencers push their followers to do so), especially following the problems related to automations that are taking place (such as story viewers).

Let’s now analyze the differences between the two social networks.

The differences between Instagram and TikTok

Obviously, not all the contents that were publishable for Instagram are for TikTok , starting, as already mentioned, from the photos. But the differences don’t stop there, which is why, in the next paragraphs, we will analyze the 4 main differences between the two social networks.

TikTok does not provide photos

Unlike Instagram where, as you surely know, you have the possibility to create different contents (photos, videos, videos on the IGTV platform, series of photos) , which is not allowed on TikTok.

If you are a content creator who has always created photos, you will have to start resizing and working with videos, considering that it is not in the company’s plans to include the possibility of publishing your shots.

Video format on TikTok

On TikTok you can publish the same videos you uploaded on Instagram , as long as you edit the format and yes respect the maximum length of 60 seconds.

From a technical point of view, in fact, TikTok was born with the idea of ​​publishing videos in 9:16 format why, your contents with formats different from those described, will be adapted by the algorithm of the app , risking to distort and reduce the quality of the video itself.

To avoid unwanted effects, I recommend that you change the format yourself, before uploading your content to the app .

Differences between algorithms

Taking into account that it is still too early to establish exactly how the algorithm of TikTok works, it is nevertheless possible to notice a significant difference compared to the more famous algorithm of Instagram : the virality of a post is closely linked to the post itself and not to the linked account and its categorization.

With TikTok it seems that you can receive thousands of views to a posted video even without having made any previous interaction , while, as we know, with Instagram it is really difficult to be “ viral ” by making a video without having made any previous interactions or following target accounts.

At present, opening two accounts at the same time and publishing the same video, without making any kind of interaction, it is possible to go viral on TikTok but not on Instagram.

Using music

One of the fundamental pillars of TikTok is represented by the choice and use of the music to be included in your videos. As you surely know, the app derives from and based on the song chosen for your content, it will be easier to appear in the section dedicated to that song. Compared to Instagram , in fact, the use of music allows you to better index your content, therefore, it allows you to take advantage of the characteristics of the algorithm itself.

If you are interested in learning more about how TikTok works, you will find more information in our specific guide.

If you want to find out how to go viral and end up in the “for you” section of TikTok, look at the our guide.

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