Limits of Instagram 2019

Limits of Instagram 2019

The biggest news of Instagram in this 2019 concern the hourly and daily limits on the various actions of “like”, “comments”, “follow” and “unfollow”. At the end of reading this article, you will know the limits of Instagram after the last update, and you will understand that being aware of them is very important so that you do not lose months of work in which you have tried to grow as much as possible on the well-known platform. It is not new that the well-known social platform demonizes all forms of false interaction, and therefore is waging war on any type of bot or various help. After the penalization of “likes” in the previous update, now Instagram has decided to go hard also with regard to “followers”.

Many of you will surely have ended up in this article because of a suddenly they found their Instagram account blocked, but fear not, the block is almost certainly temporary. The limits, update after update, are getting heavier and more and more users risk the temporary blocking of their account, which in some cases could even appear permanent.

In December, Instagram began its journey against likes and fake followers, and he did it through his official blog. Many were frightened by what the company said, but at present the only real change seems to concern the limits not to be exceeded.

Profile temporarily blocked? span>

Are you trying to access Instagram but your account is temporarily blocked? Are you looking for answers from Instagram itself but hasn’t released any official statements?

More and more people are experiencing this problem, and if at first you couldn’t find a reason, now everything is clearer. Today we are sure that most of the blocks that users are accusing are definitely caused by a new Instagram restriction. To limit the exaggerated interactions often generated by the use of BOTs, the well-known platform has decided to set a new limit. The maximum limit has been set at 6000 monthly operations, a threshold that you must therefore necessarily keep in mind and not exceed if you do not want to run into blocks.

How to win the block

The block on “follow” will remain active on your profile until the sum of the total operations in the last 30 days is not less than 6000 (the number that triggered the block). From that moment on, users will be able to start following you again and then you can start growing again, but this time respecting the new restrictions applied by Instagram. To avoid a new block, you will have to settle on average below 200 follow operations per day (my advice is to be cautious and not to exceed 150). Another piece of advice I feel I have to give you is to keep the “follow” and “unfollow” operations well detached, as the simultaneous use of these two options is very often attributable to the use of not very advanced BOTs. p>

What are the limits not to be exceeded?

Instagram hasn’t made official statements and doesn’t seem intent on doing so. This is probably because an average user doesn’t ask: “How many people can I follow in a day? And in a month? And in an hour? “. Those who ask these questions usually do so because they are implementing strategies.

The Instagram API documentation speaks of 60 hourly likes, 60 hourly comments, 60 hourly followers, but in particular, attention must be paid to the operations to be generated within 24 hours a day. Most of the users come across temporary 24-hour blocks on likes, blocks that can last for days.

And why are blocks mostly about likes? We need to look for the answer to this question in the official press release, in which Instagram instructs users to change passwords and disconnect from any suspicious application, especially those that generate fake likes. The aspect to which the platform certainly pays more attention is where these interactions come from. Instagram tends to block users interacting from different devices and IP addresses, perhaps at the same time. This behavior could mean that the suspicious profile is using some auto likes tool or application, and this is one of the reasons why it is probably receiving blocks.

How to avoid them momentary blocks in 2019?

One of the things to watch out for is the number of devices we interact with, it is important to always interact from one device. Are you using your smartphone? Use only that. Are you using a tablet? Do not perform the same operation on your smartphone.

Secondly, I recommend that you significantly reduce the number of hourly operations on likes. Although the limits are set at 60 operations per hour, what I advise you to do is not to exceed 50, even better if you stick to the threshold of 40 likes per hour, for a total of 400 operations per day.

By following these two tips you will respect the limits imposed by Instagram and avoid running into temporary or worse still permanent blocks.

The block does not pass, what do I do?

Your profile is blocked, you have read all the previous parts of the article, you have put into practice all the advice that I gave you but nothing, the block reappears more and more often. In this case, you are the victim of one of the many Instagram loops, and the only way to get out of it is to suspend any type of operation, excluding publication, for a whole week. In most cases, the seven days of stop will be enough to solve the block but I recommend, in the following days, resume with great caution and keep the number of daily operations very low, gradually picking up the pace.

What do I risk if I exceed the limits of Instagram?

At this point you are surely wondering what happens if, for one reason or another, you exceed these thresholds .

Exceeding the limits imposed by Instagram means exposing yourself to the risk of your account being suspended. In practice, this hardly happens at the first infringement, in fact the first time Instagram warns you by suspending the offending action for 24 hours.

Let me explain through an example.

You have exceeded the time limit likes. Therefore, Instagram, given its restrictive policy, will block that operation for the next 24 hours. From this moment on, strictly wait for 24 hours to pass, and do not continually check that the block has passed, also avoid interacting through the followings and comments for the entire duration of the block. And while you’re at it, change your password too, you never know. If you do not follow these tips, you will easily run into a new block, and consequently a possible suspension.

Final Thoughts

Well, now is the time to tell you how I feel about this subject. I suggest you take Instagram’s policy seriously, and “don’t pull too hard” in case of a possible reprimand. What I give you are simple considerations, so I invite you to reflect on what you have read and on what you will read, and if in doubt, adhere precisely to the limits I have indicated. A new, young account risks much more than an account that has been active for much longer, so if you have recently opened a profile on Instagram, I strongly advise you not to go wrong. The three operations, likes, comments and follows, do not all have the same weight and therefore the platform evaluates the violations in a different way, in fact, as I have already explained to you above, the likes are the most subject to the block.

I would now like to open a small parenthesis on the hashtag speech. The limit imposed by Instagram is 30 hashtags per post, but many exceed it. Understanding the reason for the excess of hashtags is simple, as using them is very useful in this platform, but I think 30 is more than enough to get your post into the feed. I therefore conclude by summarizing. As for the likes, do not exceed 50 transactions per hour. Be careful not to exceed 40 comments and, for the follow speech, stick to the threshold of 1000 daily operations.

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