Saving Instagram Posts: Why It Matters

Saving Instagram Posts: Why It Matters

In addition to likes, saves are also becoming the most important method of engagement that the various brands, present on the photographic social network, are testing right now. In this article, therefore, we are going to explain why it is important to save Instagram posts .

Instagram saves: what they are

The save function proposed by the popular social network is nothing new since it first appeared about two years ago as a practical solution for saving your favorite posts . By pressing the bookmark icon at the bottom right of each post published on the social platform, it is added to the list of saved posts. This way, you can easily retrieve the content at a later time.

Along with the saves, Instagram has also introduced the Collection function which allows you to group saved posts by topic, appearance, and so on. By doing this, all stored content will be kept organized.

The popular social network’s intelligent algorithm makes saves more important than ever. In fact, the more saves you get on the post, the more likely it is that the social network algorithm will rank it high in your followers’ feed and even on the Explore page .

Instagram post saves: how the algorithm uses them

The Instagram algorithm uses 7 key factors to determine how to rank posts in the feed . One of these is the engagement you receive with each post, that is, likes, comments, views and saves.

People who save your post in their favorites indirectly indicate to Instagram that it is interesting and high quality content. So this is shown to multiple people in the feed.

Put simply, saving an Instagram post ranks on the same level as an email that is marked as important. In the end, the more likes, comments, and saves you get on the post, the more engagement will come quickly after posting.

Saving Instagram post: why it suddenly became so important

The number of likes the post gets is becoming a feature that brands take less and less into consideration when it comes to monitoring the success of content posted on Instagram . To measure overall engagement, many companies have started tracking saves.

Jargon known as true engagement , the engagement on Instagram includes not only likes and comments but also the number of post saves . This also means that in a collaborative project between a brand and an influencer even saving posts could be considered.

James Nord , CEO of the Fohr platform, says that bailouts are a kind of super like . While liking is a way used by the user to tell the brand that they saw and liked the posted post, saving means that the person liked the content a lot and plans to come back to see it again at a later time.

Nord himself said that watching posts get the most saves helps you understand what your audience likes most. Christina Galbato , famous influencer of Instagram , recently expressed the importance of saving posts in being able to obtain greater engagement and achieve good results in the algorithm.

Salvare post Instagram: perché è importante

Saving Instagram posts: tips to follow

After knowing the importance of saving posts on the social network, below we will offer you a series of excellent tips to follow to be able to obtain more saves of your content.

Create images in infographic style

While taking good quality photos remains a method that always works well on Instagram , if you want to increase your saves, you will have to mix a few things . Educational, information-rich, or near-infographic-style images are more easily memorized by users for later viewing.

Write longer and more interesting captions

The description of a post must no longer be composed of a string of emoticons but must be creative and share something important with followers. Having a very interesting caption is a great way to increase the number of saves .

For example, if you took a photo, you could insert the settings used on the camera at the end of the caption with which you captured it. This makes the post a great resource for professional and novice photographers.

Create evergreen content

The chances that your followers see posts more than once are quite few, considering the intelligent algorithm of Instagram who always prefers new content over old ones.

So, you need to create posts that the public can come back to whenever they want. Examples are an annual calendar of events, a checklist, a 60-second training video or a tutorial.

Whatever the content, make sure it’s something evergreen , therefore valid today, tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. In this way, the number of saves will surely go up.

Create posts containing citations

The Instagram quotes are a huge asset to your social network growth strategy, especially if you want to get more saves of your posts. This is because followers love to read, share with friends and save quotes in a dedicated collection. Whether it’s inspirational quotes or funny quotes, they will always work. Brands and influencers use these to drive engagement with their audiences.

Ask your followers to save posts

One call to action ( CTA ) implemented in the post description can be a very powerful tool if obviously used correctly. For example, you can state in the caption that this is a post worth memorizing for future viewing. In this way, you will give the Instagram algorithm a clear signal that it is quality content.

Create posts containing suggestions

There are many people who love to get advice about their industry. So, it’s no surprise that this type of educational content may be more likely to save.

For example, if you have a profile dedicated to beauty, you can create posts containing skincare tips to give the opportunity for people to learn new things. Posts of this type will surely be saved.

How to monitor saved posts on Instagram

Seeing the likes and comments received is a quite simple thing. But the same cannot be said for bailouts . A great way to keep track of your saves is to look at Instagram’s stats , the so-called Insights.

You can log in to them by opening the Instagram app, pressing on the little man at the bottom right, making a swipe from the right edge to the left one (or pressing on the 3 dashes at the top right) and choosing Data statistics.

Once this is done, go to the Content tab and then click on the Show all item in the Post section. At this point, press All at the top and set the Saves option in the central list. Once this is done, select the type of content (eg Photo ) and set the maximum publication time. Once all the parameters have been set, click on Applica.

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