Slow Instagram: how to fix

Slow Instagram: how to fix

Instagram is one of the most used applications in recent years. On the well-known Social Network it is possible to find and follow profiles of all kinds. With constant updates that always integrate interesting news, it’s easy to be “obsessed” with Instagram. In this case it is easy to notice small problems , such as slow loading or difficult opening of the application. It is well known that these drawbacks can occur, especially with such applications. The causes of application problems, in this case of Instagram, can be many, as there are many solutions to be adopted. So let’s see how to solve the situation where Instagram is slow .

Instagram slow: how to solve

The methods you will find below apply to both Android and iOS . In the vast majority of cases, these methods solve the problem. Other times, however, the problem cannot be solved by anyone other than the Instagram team .

Check the connection

The classic method to follow in case of problems with social networks is to check your network connection . It may happen, in fact, to leave the house without activating the data connection and, convinced that you are connected to the Internet, you will immediately notice problems in loading. Other times the problem could be the weak signal, or the missing connection. If, after verifying that you are connected to the Internet, you notice that the uploads of photos and videos are very slow, it is a good idea to perform a speed-test to check your connection. To do this, you can rely on the application Ookla Speedtest . The app can be downloaded for free from both the Google Play Store ( Android ) and the App Store ( iOS ). Once the application is installed, all you have to do is start it and run the scan . If the results show a low enough connection ( less than 2 Mega ), then the problem lies with your connection.


It is good to know that in if you don’t want to download an application, and you want to quickly run a test with your smartphone, you can use , which will perform a very quick scan. So, if you have a slow connection, you can solve the problem by connecting to another network:

  • If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network , try to use the data connection by activating it from the control center of your smartphone.
  • If you use a data connection , try to connect to a Wi-Fi network to have a better connection (maybe).

In case the problem is not with the connection, then you will have to look for the cause elsewhere .

Restart the application

A method that often works when problems arise within an application is to restart it . It is a very simple operation, which takes only a few seconds.

  • Android : to close the application you just need to access multitasking (by doing a swipe up from bottom to top and holding down for a couple of seconds) and close Instagram by swiping right / left.
  • iOS : after gaining access to multitasking ( swipe up for owners of iPhone X or later, press the Home button twice for previous models) just hold down for a few seconds and close the app with a swipe to the right / left.

After closing the application, all you have to do is reopen it and check that it is working correctly.

Clear the Instagram cache (Android)

On Android there is the possibility to clear the application cache, trying to remove the data that slow them down.

  • Open Settings
  • Continue on Applications
  • Press on the Instagram application icon
  • Press on Clear cache (or Clear cache )

After these simple operations, you will have to open the application again and check that the problem has actually been resolved.

Check for updates

When it comes to serious problems, the team of application developers immediately run for cover by publishing repair patches , which will be downloaded to bring everything back to normal. To check for updates, all you have to do is go to the store of your smartphone (Google Play Store for Android phones, App Store for iOS) and search for the Instagram application. In case there is an update you will notice a message ( Update ) on which to press to download. Once the new version of the application has been installed, simply reopen it and check the resolution of the problem (if foreseen in the update).

Reinstall the application

If none of the above methods helped you to solve the problem and Instagram is still slow, you will have to try uninstall the application and reinstall it again. To uninstall an application, simply press and hold the icon in the Home of your smartphone and press Uninstall . Once the application has been removed, you simply need to go to your store and download the Instagram app again. It is good to know that uninstalling the application does not guarantee then its correct functioning in the future, but trying not to harm.

These are the methods to be adopted to try to solve problems related to Instagram , in case it goes slow .

As mentioned above, however, it is not always possible to solve problems manually , but sometimes you have to wait for the team to fix the situation. To keep the application under control and be informed of any problems that occur, we suggest you consult Downdetector , a service that monitors the most popular apps and alerts users in case of problems. You can also download the application, available for both Android and iOS.


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