What a blocked contact sees on Instagram

What a blocked contact sees on Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most used social networks in the world, it records several million active users and billions of photos and videos posted, and obviously in a platform so large and welcoming so many people there may be disreputable users, nuisances, fake profiles and many other types of elements that would be better to block. In this guide we will analyze what a contact we block can see or what we would see if we are blocked.

Blocked user on Instagram

First, since we’re talking about this feature, let’s see how it is possible to block a user on Instagram : if someone annoys you by sending prying messages or commenting on your posts in an unpleasant way or you simply prefer that someone not know your habits and activities that you post daily on Instagram, you just have to block his profile.

How can you block a contact on Instagram?

If you want to block a profile on Instagram , visit their profile , tap on the three dots that appear at the top right , choose Block and, to proceed with the operation, confirm by pressing again on Block . Instagram will absolutely not send any kind of communication to the user who has been blocked by you, but if the latter was a user who often visited your personal profile, obviously he will quickly realize that he can no longer have access.

What does a blocked user see on Instagram?

I will now explain in detail all the content that those who are blocked on Instagram cannot view in your profile and all the actions that they cannot perform, but in essence those who are blocked cannot see and do anything.

Going into the details, I will now list all the actions that a blocked user cannot perform:

  • cannot find your profile by searching for it in the search section as it is not will appear in the results;
  • cannot see the content you post on Instagram, so it cannot view photographs, videos or stories you have published;
  • cannot send you any kind of message ;
  • cannot comment any of your posts such as videos and photos posted in your profile;
  • cannot visit your profile in any way, even if it touches any mentions and tags made by other users on the platform.

Despite all these limitations, among the a Activities that can be performed instead include the mention or tag of the profile : if you block a user, Instagram still allows the blocked profile to tag you in his posts, comments, descriptions or stories, and in that case you will not receive any notification in the activity section of the application.

This is a very big disadvantage as this way you will not know what content you are tagged in. In the event that you change your username, any tags or mentions made to your old username will not carry over to the new one, so it might be a good idea to change your username to prevent blocked people from mentioning you.

But be careful if your profile is public and therefore open to everyone: in this case it is very easy for the blocked user to create a second profile to be able to watch our activity, send us messages, tag us and carry out all the other actions available on the well-known social network.

Another information I want to give you about what those blocked on Instagram can see is access via browser : just in case your profile is public and open, any user, whether blocked or not, registered or not subscribed to Instagram, will be able to view your page and your content simply using a computer browser and visiting the web version of Instagram.

Cosa vede contatto bloccato su Instagram 1

Therefore, in case you are blocking a user to prevent them from checking your profile and your activity, I suggest you set the account as Private so that you can personally accept new followers and silts see what those blocked on Instagram can see their bio and profile photo.

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