Why don’t I have music on Instagram? Here’s how to fix it

Why don’t I have music on Instagram? Here’s how to fix it

If you don’t know how to get music on Instagram you are in the right place. The famous social network allows you to insert music in your stories using a special sticker. Unfortunately, on some accounts, this sticker is not yet available or is mysteriously removed; for this reason, in this article we will also show you other methods to insert music in your Instagram stories .

Before continuing, it is good to answer some questions that you often ask. You should know that having music on Instagram does not depend on updating the app : it is a server-side update. What does it mean? It means that Instagram decides which accounts should have the music and it does not depend on whether you have the updated app or not: you can also have it updated today but not find the music available.

How to get music on Instagram: a simple trick

There is a method to force the appearance of music on your Instagram profile and it simply consists in changing the type silhouette. If you have a personal or business profile then you need to convert it to Instagram creator profile . The procedure to do this is as follows:

  1. Go to the Settings app of Instagram
  2. Now go to Account
  3. Select Switch to creator account

That’s it! Now wait 3 business days and the music should appear.

Haven’t received your music yet? Try this other method:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Edit the profile and choose as category the one “ Personal Blog “.

Now wait 3 working days.

The differences with the business account

The substantial differences between business account and creator are basically two. The first is the message management which in a creator profile are classified into General and Main . In this way, influencers will have the ability to divide the messages received from friends by those of fans.

Another difference concerns the Insight panel , namely the profile statistics. The account creator , in fact, offers a new Public panel where the following and unfollow numbers are shown daily through the Growth item. allow the user to make a correlation between the followers and the published content. In other words, it will be easier to understand which action was most successful in particular on Instagram.

How to insert music in stories Instagram

The first way to introduce music into your stories features a new sticker . After taking, recording or importing a photo / video, just click in the sticker section , select M usica and choose from the vast library of songs present. It will be possible to locate the song by searching on the basis of charts , genre and your mood.

Stories with music by camera

A second variant introduced allows you to choose the song before recording a video. Once the Instagram camera is open, head to the new section Music , through a swipe. Once the song has been chosen, it will be possible to select the exact part to be played through a selector and therefore our video will be recorded with it in the background.

storie con musica Instagram musica

Stories with music: third-party applications

As an alternative to these proposals that they exploit Instagram directly, we can rely on some third-party applications; below we show you some.


The first application we show you is InShot , available for both Android and iOS . After downloading and starting the app, select Video in the Create new section. Then you will be prompted to select the video to edit and, once you have chosen the latter, a sort of timeline will appear in which you can edit the video, adding text or music. Select the icon in the shape of a musical note and take the song you are interested in in the Recommended or My Music section. Once this is done, decide the range of the song to insert in the video and confirm.

Before inserting the video as an Instagram story, it will be necessary to export the video and save it in the gallery.


Also available for both Android and iOS , the Sounds app allows you to add music to our Instagram stories quickly and easily. All you have to do is search for the song you are interested in, link the image you want to upload to the song and finally select the 14 seconds of the song you want to upload.


Another very interesting app, which allows you to insert music in Instagram stories, is Flipagram , available on App Store . Once you have chosen and loaded the image, you can modify it as you like, inserting the music you want without any type of limit. Finally, once everything is finished, you can share your image with music not only on Instagram, but also on all messaging services such as Whatsapp or Messenger.


Very similar to Instagram stories, LOMOTIF , available for both Android and iOS , is very simple to use. In fact, thanks to the interface very similar to that of Instagram stories, adding music is really very simple. Furthermore, once you have inserted the music, you can share your video on all the most important social networks.


TikTok , the famous app available for Android and for iOS , is in effect a video community. It allows you to share them with the whole world, modifying them with emojis, face filters or adding music clips and sounds. Among all the available playlists you can find and extract songs of any musical genre and insert them into your videos.

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