How to post Instagram Stories to my friends list

How to post Instagram Stories to my friends list

Currently, a large number of applications and platforms have been developed focused solely in the field of social networks , so if you want to start sharing some information about yourself or about a specific activity, go to have a great variety of application options to choose from .

Today’s social networking applications are used for any kind of thing , either only as a means of entertainment, to share tips or they are even widely used for the workplace; since they can serve to expand a business. For this and many other things we can use them, the most popular and most used application for this is the application of Instagram.

The Instagram platform since its inception in 2010 managed to become a popular application and one of the most used by the community, counting with more than 100 million active users on its platforms in the year 2012, due to its comfortable design and the innovative functions it had to allow users to share images and videos.

Over time and after being bought by the Facebook giant, the Instagram application managed to develop new functions and options incorporating them throughout its updates, one of the most used is the option to share Stories

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How to create a list of best friends on Instagram to share Stories
Instagram Stories are an option of the same platform to be able to share images and videos and that in turn you can add music, which unlike normal publications these are temporary content that will be available for your followers to see for a period of 24 hours.

After expiration of this period, the content will simply disappear for users , however you will be able to share the same image or video again by placing it on your profile as a “featured story” where it will remain permanently or until you decide to remove it.

There is a way for the Stories that you upload on the Instagram platform to be viewed only by a certain group of people of whom follow your account, for this there is the option of best friends. To comply with this, you must go to the configuration option of your Instagram account and press the tab that says Best friends where you can start creating a personalized list and choose the people you want to be part of it.

Functions of the stories on Instagram that you should know

Instagram is such a versatile App that it gives users various functions that can be executed through stories. In this section, we provide you with all the information you need to get started today to enjoy these attractions that the platform has.

Multiple Capture

It is one of the most popular options that Instagram has, it is a function that allows us to upload simultaneous photos that are published in one go. The process to upload them to the App is totally simple, you just have to enter the stories section and from there locate the Multicaptures symbol; then you must take the photo and click on the alternative that says Next to be published correctly.

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Hands Free

This is another of the many features that Instagram has and consists of recording videos without having to press the record button, that is why it is called hands-free. If you want to try and use it, you just have to locate the App’s camera through the stories and look for the option that says Hands-free, then you will press the button to enable the countdown timer and you can record the story without problem.

Special filters

This option is fully integrated into the functions of Instagram stories and brings a series of filters and effects so that the photos have a different touch. In the case of filters, these only modify the color but the effects completely modify the photo. If you want to use them, you have to take a picture and look for the editing tools that appear in the story; then you just have to slide your finger at the bottom of the screen to select the filter or effect of your liking.

Live stories

Live stories are specially designed to help people to convey a message to followers immediately . So they can be very helpful in various scenarios, so if you want to use them, you just have to open the App camera and locate the option to Start live video. By doing this, you will already be broadcasting live and the time to accomplish this is approximately one hour.

How to put New Post on Instagram stories and share with best friends

The steps to follow to put New Post in Instagram stories, are extremely simple. So the first thing you have to do is press the paper plane icon that appears below each publication and access the option to Create a story. Next, you will have to touch it so that it appears as a sticker so that it can be shared correctly in the Instagram story.

If you want it to be shared only with the group of best friends previously selected by you, you only have to access the application settings to make sure that this option is activated.

How to share someone else’s Instagram story

If a story shared by one of your contacts caught your attention, you can do the same and post it on your Instagram profile. But you should know that for this to be possible, you must have already been mentioned in the story because otherwise it will not be possible to comply with this.

When you make sure of this aspect, you will receive a notification where you will be allowed to share the story. It should be noted that the account where you will share the publication has to be public.

Steps to create stories on Instagram from scratch and share them with my friends

The best friends function on Instagram is a tool that the platform offers to create a list in which you will be able to add or delete the people you want so that they can see certain photos and videos that you publish in the Instagram stories.

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This option can be a great alternative on occasions when you want to upload a video or photo that you only want certain people in your group of friends to see, if you want to start using it then we will show you how to do it:

  1. The first thing you should do is access the Instagram application from your smartphone and access the settings option by clicking on the icon with the three horizontal lines
  2. Select the “best friends” option within the Instagram settings
  3. A page will appear with the description of this function, click on start to start using this function
  4. Click on the add button to start adding the users you want
  5. In case you want to remove the users you added, simply click on remove and select the users you want to remove
  6. And voila! you will have created your list of best friends on Instagram

Instagram Stories have also achieved a certain fame due to the “filters” tools that the platform has developed

These filters can be simple color modifiers to make the image look better, or also due to the facial recognition system that it has, we can use it to change our faces or apply fun effects on the same image or video.

How to share and send Stories on Instagram privately

With the new Instagram updates, it is possible to establish stories that will be shared only with a series of people selected by us. To comply with this, we must look at a new Sticker that allows you to give that touch private to each of the stories you want to share.

To use it, you have to take the photo that you want to publish and in the upper corner of the screen, this Sticker that we comment on will appear and that says Share with, so you just have to select the ideal audience and that’s it.

Similarly, if you want to start using filters on Instagram stories, you must first update the Instagram application to its latest version to have access to these functions, you can do it directly from the Google Play Store app.

After that, go to the stories section to start taking a photo or recording a video, to start using filters drag the capture button to the left side to access the filters Instagram defaults, press the one you want and start recording or taking photos

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