How to put filters and effects on Instagram Stories

How to put filters and effects on Instagram Stories

Presentation is something we all care about, that is why we spend so much time editing and repairing images that we are going to post on social networks. Whether it is a tradition or a story, its preparation is something that requires us to pay close attention to details and possibilities. That is why it is very fashionable to put filters and effects on Instagram.

All this is done when choosing the image to place, either from the gallery or capturing directly from the Instagram camera, there may be some inconveniences, such as problems with the camera of this App, or more venial problems such as a filter you like so much and you want to save to use it whenever you want. Luckily for all this we have a solution.

But we want to take the possibilities further, and open a whole range of options, not just limited to Instagram filters that react with music, or join the trend of creating our own Stickers for stories. Let’s tackle how to add and activate filters and effects in Instagram stories , so that you are always in trend.

How to download and activate Instagram filters

Instagram has a huge amount of filters and effects for stories. To put them and use them, you just have to look at the bottom of the story you are making where the most popular ones are shown.

You must scroll sideways to find the one you like the most and try them one by one to see which one suits the photo best. In the same way, to put filters and Instagram effects you can look for them in the magnifying glass, where the app shows other less used filters but with more variety.

We are going to learn how to add and activate filters and effects in Instagram stories, so that the only limitation is individual taste when taking a walk through all the possibilities.

efectos de instagram

In principle, what should be known is that it is necessary to keep the Instagram application updated to its latest version , since this guarantees having access to the latest offers in terms of range of editing in the stories, that is, the effects, filters and related elements that are appended.

The filters and effects that you use or activate, you can save them to use them on another occasion. In this sense, when you go to take the photo, you must look at the bottom , there the name of the filter appears. If you hold down this name, a menu will open where the option to save filter appears.

After doing this, the saved filter appears on the left side of the button to take the photo in the story and to choose and put the saved filters and effects you just have to drag the screen to the left and take the photo.

How to use the filter explorer for Instagram Stories

To find more filters than those that appear in the options that Instagram shows you when you take the photo, you must go to the browser. To go there you must grab a filter and hold down the name of the filter. At that moment a menu opens where you must choose the option to explore filters. This takes you to another section where many filters appear and where you can choose and put the most used and popular Instagram filters and effects.

How to find an effect on Instagram by name

In the search engine or Instagram explorer you can also search the filters by name. In this sense, in the upper part of the browser, the symbol of a magnifying glass appears and a box to write. There you put the name of the filter you want and the options that use that name appear.

How to place an effect in Instagram Stories

The procedure is simple, in the first instance we must go to the application, once there, we must go to the section to add stories , which is achieved by clicking on the history icon, in the top, or by panning the screen to the right.

There an image is added or made with the Instagram camera or appending from the gallery. Filters and specialized effects are activated when using the internal camera. There you can choose from a large number of elements, distributed among the icons that are displayed, the iconography of a smiling face, is where the most peculiar filters congregate.

You can put Instagram filters and effects very quickly. For this you just have to look for the funny effect that you want to add to your image and click on take the photo. Once the photo is taken, you can continue placing emojis or stickers to make it look more humorous and interesting.

In general, all the most popular filters and effects are at hand, only the one with the highest preference should be chosen. In the particular case of the effects for Instagram stories, they are distributed in the same way at the bottom, and are activated for use, when using the internal camera of the application.

efectos de las stories de instagram

Being available and updated, depending on the version of the application that is used, therefore, it is necessary to be updating it. But this does not directly show all filters and / or effects that can be accessed. Therefore, we are going to study how to add more of these elements.

Add filters and effects in Instagram stories

Having the latest version does not mean that you will be able to observe the entire spectrum of possibilities to make the stories more striking, but it is true that shows the most popular options.

As for the effects, it should be noted that they are by default, and to add a new one, you only need to update the application. Despite the filters, they have such a wide apparatus that some can be confused with effects, when applied, a product of their high quality. To access them, you only need to do the following.

Go to the stories section, using the internal camera. You must scroll to the right and look for the icon of a magnifying glass , its position will vary according to the version used. It can also be found by pressing the iconography of some of the effects, which causes a submenu to open and see the magnifying glass icon there.

That magnifying glass icon is the door to the infrequent Instagram filters , there you can navigate and choose the one you prefer, and if you want to add it to be used more directly, just do it press on it until the submenu appears and choose “save in the camera”.

poner filtros efectos en instagram

How to know if my mobile is compatible with the new filters and effects of Instagram Stories

To know if your phone is compatible with the effects and to be able to set the filters, you should look at the version of Android you use. If you have a phone with Android less than 5.0 it will not be compatible, therefore the filters will not appear in the stories.

If the Android version is higher than the one mentioned, you can be sure that your phone is compatible with any filter. On IOS devices these tools are not compatible with versions lower than iOS 10.

What are the best filters on Instagram and the most searched?

On Instagram there are many filters, so many that they are innumerable. However, there are some that stand out the most because they are the most used by influencers or celebrities. These will appear among the first among the options since they are the ones that people use the most.

To find the most popular filters, you must access the search engine or explorer. In this there are several options where you can view the filters used by the people you follow or those used by celebrities.
After having reviewed which one seems best to you, you just have to click on it to use it . The filters are divided into sections, one is for the funny filters, another for the romantic ones and there is even one for the dark filters.

Create your own filter for your Instagram Stories

If you don’t want to put Instagram filters and effects on your photos because you don’t like them, you can create your own. For this, you must use a tool called Spartk AR Studio that works for any device and is downloaded for free.

poner filtros instagram personas famosas

This connects with your Facebook account and through it you can create the filters that are indicated for you. You can also put many effects on your images such as glasses, funny faces, tongues hats and much more. Similarly, if you don’t like how your filter turned out at the end of the process, you can edit it and modify it whatever you want.

To remove the filters, you must do a process similar to when you want to save them. For this, you must have pressed the name of the filter and open the menu section. At the bottom, you will see that the option to remove filter appears, click on it and it will be removed from your list.

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